Thursday, May 3, 2012


That was fast, right?

No, this day has been like molasses.


The update was encouraging [i think].

The 3 radiologist could not agree for the referral.  They could not agree on the adenoma at all.  


Yesterday was yes with measurements and then today confusion.

I will take the confusion with a possibility that there is another reason for that gland being big and naughty.

I call that HOPE.  

I like hope that they will not touch my baby's brain and that there will be complete healing.

The MRI has been Fed Exed to Stanford and they will read it.  This is what they do, specifically.

Next week we will know.

Will you pray?  Pray for that mysterious screen to be nothing?

I like the idea of an endocrinologist much better than a surgeon.

We will breathe and trust. 


  1. Shauna!!! Holy cow!!!! Praying!!!!

  2. We are all praying for ya’ll!!!!
    We love you so much!!!

  3. Breath and trust . . . . . yes!

  4. How blessed are we to have a living savior who cares enough to know the number of hairs on our heads. He loves Dawson more than any of can even try all together. So thankful that He is worthy of our praise and trust. I believe that God is going to do some mighty amazing things in and through our little Dawson and the whole Vaughan family! Praying for some serious miracles. Thanks for both the blog updates. You have some amazingly sweet and spirit-filled kids. We have much to learn from their trusting and joyous hearts. I love love love you all!!! Praying for the people in Stanford. :) And of course for all of you! Love Lolly!

  5. Shauna, My blogging friend Marlece shared your prayer request with me. I am praying for your boy as I know your shock on a personal level when I myself heard the words there is a large mass in your sons brain. It is a terrifying thing to hear, but dear sister we know the One who holds the future. Something I clung to through my sons journey, was this may have snuck up on us, but it did not sneak up on God. At the beginning of time as He laid the foundations of this world He knew your son and He knew this day and the plan and purpose for your precious boy has not changed, it is the same. I am praying dear one, you are welcome to email me any time. ~Cheryl

  6. Praying for you all. For you to feel God arm wrapped around you and feel his unconditional love.


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