Saturday, December 29, 2012

It's that time again… a turning of a New Year.  One of my favorite times.  Fresh start, we all need a fresh start.  This year?  I am embracing a fresh start like no other!

Can I be a little ugly honest?  This year has not been my favorite.  In fact, I've hated it.  There's the ugly, I said it.  The list is long of why but there's a list and it's too long for here.  As I have been asking God if it was ok to hate this year I got a picture in my head of the valleys and mountain tops.  This was a valley year, and they are needed to have mountain top years.  Valleys add to the amazing landscape of life, that makes us stand in awe of God and what He is about.

I am pretty excited to boot this valley year in trade for a whole new one.  2013 has us already pointed in the right direction.

Let's go!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Do you ever have one of "those" moments?  Where you get a glimpse into a life that may have been yours?

Yesterday I was standing in a fancy grocery store, alone, with an arm basket, looking for a specialty item… this is not the norm.

My norm. is Costco, with a flat, with kids, buying bulk basics.

As I was standing there I just had a moment.  "This could have been me."  There has alway been a part of me that likes to be alone, all alone.  In that moment I realized, that could have been the norm. for me…. and I started to laugh.

In one unexpected moment standing in a fancy grocery store, looking for a fancy thing, I fell more in love with my crazy, large, messy, overwhelming, sticky, never.ending.laundry, always hungry, full of joy family.

I was washed with the realization that my family truly is a gift.  A gift not be taken for granted.

Sometimes I do not appreciate all that God has given me.  In fact sometimes I view it as burden.  The last 2 weeks have not been very fun.  Sick kid, after sick kid and then it hit me, hard.  With Christmas on the way and no energy to prep I have been feeling very ungrateful.

In a moment my heart was reminded…. life is a gift. These 6 lil lives I get to take care of are a gift.  What an honor.

Merry Christmas Eve.  May you see afresh the gifts God has given.   

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Beautiful Results

The report from the neurosurgeon was that the growth on the stalk had shrunk - I could see it - what a sight!


This was the best news.

Still no diagnosis but leaning towards one for sure.

Lymphocytic Hypophysitis

Basically for what ever reason his body thought it needed to attack the pituitary gland and stalk.  Autoimmune.   

The reason is really unknown.     

We will scan again in 6 months and monitor hormone levels as the pituitary gland is pretty sensitive and can shut down all function with something like this.

Our relief is enormous and we feel so blessed but our hearts and prayers are turned toward Connecticut.

We serve a mighty God.  One who hears, One who comforts, One that heals.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

MRI done.

Endocrinology appointment was great and we love those people.  Very informative and caring to help us manage the Diabetes Insipidus.   

We then went to lunch [where we saw Jerry Rice :)] and chatted about the MRI.  He originally was scheduled to go under anesthesia for the MRI and blood draw.  We called our Dr.'s to ask if we could try without the meds, they said, "sure" and radiology said, "come on over, now".  We were met at the door by a lady that works with kids to make their experience as good as it can be.  I told her about Dawson's fear of needles [Dawson was already in tears at this point] and so she left and came back with a bunch of "tools" including an iPad for games.  She talked to him and stayed with him through the blood draw and PRAISE THE LORD it went great!  This was huge.  HUGE!

He did great in the MRI and to celebrate we had Krispy Kreme for dinner, followed with banana splits for dessert.  [amazing what you'll do as a mother sometimes] :)

Tomorrow we will get the MRI results.

[Ashton and Dawson in front of Lucile Packards beautiful Christmas lights]

Thank you for praying!  God is good!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weaving Hearts.

Almost two years ago I lead a women's trip to UG.  I knew, knew, knew that I was suppose to do that.  This was a giant leap of faith as I had never even been on a mission trip, let alone lead one.  As the trip started taking shape there were 2 girls from another part of the US that would join us in Amsterdam.  One of the girls had become near and dear to my heart, and since 2009 has become one of my closest friends.  Her friend from college felt called to join.  Her name is Anna.  [i wrote a funny about her/us here]

I loved Anna from the start and we became instant friends.

Fast-forward a year.

Anna was diagnosed with MS this Spring.

About the same time we discovered Dawson's DI and pituitary issues.

Through tears I have read her blog.  Through shaky texts we have exchanged love.  Through the phone we have laughed.

I stand amazed at God's weaving of lives together.  God weaved our hearts together to serve Him in Africa, but what He also did was give us each other to walk this past year out with.  No, we do not talk much but I know we both talk to God about each other.  I call that a good friend.

On the night before we leave for Stanford I sat and watched this.  I have NO doubt God prompted Anna to post her testimony of the past year tonight, for me.

Love you Anna and know that God used you mightily to focus my heart.  I know you would never ask for the road you are on but God is using it.  I can testify to that.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Calling on the Prayer Warriors Again.

It's time to look at Dawson's brain again.

We will head down to Stanford [Lucile Packard Children's Hospital] on Monday with appointments on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Tuesday will be Endocrinology.
Wednesday will be the MRI at the hospital [he will be under anesthesia again].
Thursday Neurology.

I believe in the power of prayer.  Let's pray.  Let's pray specifics:  1) the growth on the pituitary stalk would continue to shrink (or disappear)  2) that he will do well under anesthesia 3) that his other hormone levels are "normal"

Thank you!

We serve a mighty God that hears!