Sunday, October 28, 2012

I always have great expectations of sharing our journeys to Africa.  After all, there are so many misconceptions about Africa, I would love to expose them by our first hand experiences.  But life happens and here we are 6 [now 7] days into our trip and here goes the first post.  Might be a long one, or not, who knows ;).

Traveling went flawless.  I never sleep on the plane and apparently Ashton does not either.  That can make for a pretty long 26 hours but every time we would look at the tracker with hours to go I would remind Ashton [and myself] of what an amazing blessing it is to be on the other side of the world in such a short time.  She agreed.  Sometimes all we need is a little perspective on our circumstance.

We were greeted by my MIL and a few RH gems.  Travel weariness all faded away.

Morning sunrise with coffee and Jesus to kick off our time, nothing better.

We hopped a boda to RH and got to watch the workings of their day.  Most were at school but the staff and long time volunteers were there and it was nice to get to be fly on the wall and not be catered to.  I was impressed with how everyone knew their job and did it.  Life in Africa takes work, lots of work.  Ashton jumped right in where she could.

Evening prayers and our day was done…. and so was I… with the flu :/.

I spent the next day in bed - all day - barely moving.  MIL came over to play games with Ashton.  Not what we planned but that's how it goes and I planted my feet on that.

The next day we headed into Kampala and were back where we adopted #5 from 3 years ago.  I enjoyed hearing the mama's say, "Mama Isaiah, you are most welcome back."

We spent as much time as we could there for the next few days with a few adventures mixed in.  We cruised downtown for a meeting and ended the day in the worship service at Watoto.  Tears, praise and a good word spoken about Israel and we were on our way home to have dinner with a friend we have known for years and the kids have skyped with lots.  Special treat.

Friday Market can not be missed.  Neither Ashton or I are much for shopping but this was fun and I am already sad I did not buy a few more things.

On the way back Patrick encouraged us to take the local bus/taxi system.  I have done this before and have to say I was not excited but he was, so we did and I am glad for the adventure.  Still not a fan tho but what great opportunity to talk myself out of a claustrophobia attack, hehe.  Fear conquered.

The afternoon was spent playing with the kids and helping where we could.  Never easy to leave so we  prayed, we prayed for each child to be placed in a family as soon as possible because that's where we bloom best, in families.

One prayer request I had was to have a thunderstorm while in Kampala.  Prayer answered. :)  I just love it because in the midst of an aching heart it's a reminder of how great God is…. and He is!

Now as I type we are headed back to Jinja.  The kids will be out of school and we will spend the week at RH.  

more to come…..

Monday, October 15, 2012

How does a mom of many leave for weeks?

That ^ question in various forms has been around a lot these days.  I get that.  I wonder the same when other mama's leave their nest.

First, it takes a husband that is awesome.  One that is involved in every aspect of the kiddos life.  If he was unaware or uninvolved then this would be very difficult.  Thankfully there is nothing that Justin does not do with the kids.  [except laundry ;)]

{see what a good dad he is:}

Second, it takes a village [and it should].  We were made to live in community with one another.  This is unpopular in the grand USA but God made us to work together, share what we have and depend on each other [i know …gasp… not the most popular way for independent Americans].  These ladies are part of my village.  They know my kids well and we have all been in the giving and receiving end of this thing called life together. 

Third, it takes a praying group behind us [maybe this should have been number 1?].  When people ask what we "need," I say prayer.  Would never want to be sent out to do anything without it. :)

Fourth, preparation.  Meals.

8 here.  A couple of Costco Lasagna's and 2 nights planned for pizza at church and my people should be fed.

[for Jessie: 2 Chicken Enchiladas, 2 Chicken Taco Soups, a Stroganoff, a Spaghetti Sauce, and 2 Chili's (a thick and not-so-thick kind).  I am hoping to make one more - kind of like cowboy beans.]

I make time charts, menus and other things like that that get totally ignored but it makes me feel better so I do it. :)

It is never easy leaving my babes and I have developed a few tricks to help me cope as well.  This mama LOVES being home and leaving is always my greatest step of faith.  But to get down right honest with you God showed me years ago that my children were my idol.  I had placed them above Him.  I had placed my need to be their all in all above God.  I wanted to control every.thing when it came to my kids.  So what did the Lord do?  He called me out on it by asking us to adopt from a country with no timeline of being gone.  Praise the Lord and oh what I would have missed had I not obeyed.  I have tasted the goodness of obedience and I want more.  :)