Sunday, May 27, 2012

deep breathing and loving it

Who knew three weeks can feel like months?

We are all so happy to have a breather from the crazy we stepped into May 1st.

Ashton's and Lily whipped up their traditional Saturday morning breakfast. 

Lil D is busy yelling at everyone because he is the boss and everything is his.

Lily's been riding her pony

Hunter was soaking up some sun and a good book [i love how my kids enjoy reading].

Dawson is just one happy boy.

Isaiah has his birthday on his mind…. 3 more days.

Beauty is all around us!



  1. Praise the Lord! Out God is able...rejoicing with you.


  2. Oh my gosh, these pictures... I love them! That one of Lily heading out to 'catch the horsey' cracks me up, I love it! This makes me smile, the norm, the every day, the feeling of breath in and breath out, no need to hold sister, love!

  3. I second seeing all those sweet happy little faces and knowing that all of the Vaughan chicks are back in their nest doing "normal" stuff, which makes me so thankful and your pics!!


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