Wednesday, May 16, 2012

back we go.

Dawson has the MRI and lumbar puncture on Friday.

He will be "under" for both AND they called this morning and said he will go out BEFORE they put the needle in - can you hear us rejoice?

We celebrate the small [not so small when you are pinning your child down] stuff!

These last couple of days have been good.  LOTS of playing in the beautiful sunshine, riding their ponies and my parents stopped by.  Dawson is a little clone of my dad in many ways so it was good to get a little encouraging talk from him.

God is [painfully] teaching me to stay in the moment.  Not to jump ahead - just be present.  This is not easy for me, ever.  I like to plan, know, prepare…. we have lots to do, ya know?  God says he give us what we need for the day.  I need to stay in this day.

So today is great, kids are happy, hubby is busy at work and we have MUCH to be thankful for!


  1. Love this and love you guys!! We will be praying for Friday!! God is GREAT

    1. He is even when we do not understand.

  2. yay for being under before the needles!

    thinking of you all SO often. many prayers & so much love.

    proud of you for trying your best to stay in the moment.

    1. love you and thank you. have wanted to call you and talk about ways to help him with needles. any ideas from your time as a nurse, send them this way!

  3. Jesus had me up starting at the 3:30 this morn in prayer over you all, Dawson...

    glad the folks came by.


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