Wednesday, May 9, 2012

day 1

today was hard.  i wanted: easy, a prescription and sent home [really, that's what I wanted].

The Endocrinologists were wonderful.  Each one.  The attending Endocrinologist explained that the hormone, DDAVP, is a prescription of convenience.  The natural "thirst" mechanism is God's way [my words, not hers] of regulating water within the body.  As long as we have water and a potty, he would be ok.  Of course, sleeping and eating patterns would be interrupted therefore it is best to use the hormone with a child.

That was the good news, and they are working along side of us to find "his" dose.

The problem still lies with the cause of this, diabetes insipidus.

She explained how the pituitary gland worked [can everyone just take a moment and thank God for their healthy pituitary gland.  it is the size of a pea and does much, like BIG stuff.]  There are quite a few reasons why the pituitary gland could be mad.  We still need to figure out why.

I asked her if DI ever just goes away.  She said it has happened once in her practice  :(.  {I think we can and should be #2 :).}

Because the source is not obvious, we need to explore some other possibilities.  I did not like the sound of the new possibilities either.  We are now seeing a Hematologist (Blood Dr.), as well.

All day I battled whether to take my baby and run, fall to my knees grateful for the amazing medical care or bawl because of all of the many other children I saw.

More tests we ordered and 7 and half hours later we left the hospital.

Dawson had to give more blood.  We know one diagnosis for certain, he is insanely fearful of needles.  Like kicking, screaming and biting scared.  Justin and I lost a few years of our life trying to hold him down.  It was not pretty.

Once we left the hospital we needed to shake the day off, way off.

We headed downtown, San Francisco.

 This moment was needed.

They jumped their little hearts out.

They needed to jump, we needed their smiles.

Tomorrow is day 2.  Thank you for praying and please keep it up!




  1. Praying, praying in Northern Uganda. Having two children with terminal illnesses, I understand the agony of a mother as you watch your children struggle.

    May Gods love and peace surround you.


  2. Aw, sweetie! So much of what you're writing reminds me of how I felt when Grant was diagnosed with Juvenile arthritis last March. It was sO hard just being in a children's hospital seeing SO many sick kids, awful. We had to rule out leukemia, and it was terrifying.

    Did they give you the numbing cream before bloodwork??? We always ask for it for grant now-we NEVER get bloodwork now with out the numbing cream on is arm. Grant ow knows that it won't hurt at all, and just sits there. We had to hold him down kicking and screaming the first couple of times until he realized the cream truly helps.

  3. Praying that avoids prescience and comfort will seem very, very real to you these days. Love you, shauna, love to Dawson.

    A verse that has been dear to me recently -job 42:2-"I know that you can do all things and that no purpose of yours can be thwarted".

  4. Love these pictures! Thank you for the update. Our prayers continue. Love y'all<3

  5. Praying praying for a miracle! Please take care of yourselves - don't forget to eat!! (from one who does forget when under stress!!) I'm so glad you took time for fun! Love you

  6. Praying...praying...praying! Thanks for the update. Hoping today is full of answered prayers and peace for your amazing family.

  7. Sha, those pictures of the boys so happy & having fun blessed my heart more than I can say.. we're praying for all of you, specifically for strength for you & Justin as you care for Dawson.. those strong willed genetics he inherited from his momma are a force to deal with.. I have some stories I could share....hee hee..sorry Justin....

  8. Love you!!! Praying. Pictures say a thousand words. And the Word is GOOD!!!

  9. I love seeing those picture of Dawson smiling and having a blast, bouncing. I'm so sorry you have to go through this. You are a strong woman with strong values. We are praying for your family, for the doctors, for Dawson.


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