Tuesday, January 1, 2013

One Word FULL of Meaning!

Happy New Year!

We chose one word to describe each of our children in the year 2012.

Spoiled.  That about sums it up.  He is such a gift and we all adore him.  Look at that face!  And the gap in his teeth?  Makes him even cuter.

Joyful.  Lily brings more pure joy to this family than I could begin to describe.
Genuine.  Isaiah has a heart that is clearly genuine.  If he compliments you [which he does] he means it, deeply!    

Based on Joshua 1:9 - our theme this year - these boys have been Strong and Courageous!  Hunter has been our steady rock, strong!  Dawson has been flat out courageous.  That boy has been through quite a year and still presses forward, courageously!  

If you have a first born girl you might understand this one.  If this girl puts her mind to it, it will be done!  She is determined, and praise God she is determined to serve HIM!

You read right.  Let me share with you our latest treasure.  He is Chosen!  He was chosen in our hearts years ago but now we are seeking to make it a reality.  We will share more in the days to come but for now the most important information, he has a family and we are blessed!  We love you Chosen one!

Our word?  Blessed.
That brings the number of treasures to 7!
This year has been stretching in many ways, but in more abundant amounts God has been faithful!
We praise Him, for He is good!

Happy New Year!
Welcome 2013.  May we love well this year.