Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jesus T@ke the Wheel!

#4 and #1 share a room now. They have been listening to C@rrie Underwood's CD at night. This is #4's version of "Jesus T@ke the Wheel". And yes, that is a stuffed br@ she has on, thanks to #1 thinking she was very funny this morning!

This cracks.me.up!

Monday, August 30, 2010


This summer has been crazy fast!  Can it just last for a few more months pllllllleeeeaaaassse? 

I love summer!  I am a happier mama - period.  Sunshine, playing outside, playing with the animals, less laundry, what's not to love [ok maybe the flies - I am kinda done with them]. 

We were blessed this weekend to make some more memories. 

We were privileged to be asked to come share our adoption journey at the church my husband grew up in, got married in and dedicated our first born in.  What an honor.

We got there and we had no idea it was "Family Sunday" - how perfect!  I loved the whole thing - it was a true blessing to me! [esspecially since our family filled the back two pews - 20 family members :) ]

We crashed my sis with one days notice, nice hu?  Didn't seem to phase them!  My sis has an awesome hubby and 5 beautiful treasures that are making a difference in this world.  I am so stinkin' proud of them I can not even tell you!  Justin and I stayed up late talking to the 2 older ones, Sat. night and went to bed saying that we hope our kids turn out like them.  Whatever you are doing C and J - keep.it.up!!!

My sis has been my greatest source of encouragement [aside from hubby - but girls just need girlfriends - amen?] through this whole adoption journey.  God really used her to speak into my life when I needed it most.  God used her in a big way.  She also took care of all 4 of my kiddos for 2 weeks while J and I were both in Africa.  My kids are still talking about it and I believe it gave them an extra bond - love that!

She wrote the sweetest blog post today about how she feels about Isaiah.  Blessed me so very much, I have read it many times and thought I would share it here. [and you can gawk at how beautiful they all are]

Her love for Isaiah (and that of her hubbies and children) has meant more to me than I could ever write.  See, it is very different when you adopt.  There was no baby shower, there was no excited phone calls to see when he would be here, there were no gifts........but hers.     

{there were a couple more that came later...in the weeks to follow but nothing like my bio kids}

It was a blankie and he is sleeping with it as I type!  It is very special indeed.

Thanks Brewer Bunch for blessing us this weekend and for all of your love!  Your Family Rocks! 

[I would post pics but when the kids are together they disappear until it is time to go.]

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Birthday #1!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!
How can you possibly be 11 and entering the 6th grade?
I am thinking it was yesterday that you made your grand appearance and I could not believe the overwhelming love for you that washed over me!  I sobbed harder than you!  I was overwhelmed with your beauty and sweetness.  God gives good, good gifts!!!

I am so blessed by you these days.
I am blessed by your brilliant mind.  You are a smart cookie!
I am blessed by your love for your siblings, esspecially Lily.  You have a sweet bond that I love to watch bloom more and more.  Sisters are a gift, I should know, I have 3!
I am blessed by your hunger for truth.  You soak it up sweet thang and it will get you through!
I am blessed by your open heart to love the least of these.  Sometimes I think you "get it" more than I do.  You have never wavered in loving Isaiah and teaching him how to be in a family.  And I love how you encourage us to adopt again.  You are rich encouragement to your dad and me!

You have blessed us more than any blog post can say.

Your dad and I will always love you and we are praying for you as you enter into these next few years where things tend to change alot.

Happy Birthday!

Love, Mommy

PS ~ I am also VERY blessed by your love of baking although I am a frustrated with that one because now I am going to have to spend a lot of time with the treadmill this fall because of all your summer baking! :)  Get back to school so you can quit stuffing me with your homemade waffles, banana bread, cookies..... :)! 

[this pic is from this morning before church ~ she is covered in both of her Grandma's love.  One Grandma got her the dress from Africa and the other got her the horse necklace and earring - two things that definitely make up this little girl!]

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Meme!

Happy Birthday Meme!!  {my Mama}

Meme, We love you and pray that you have a beautiful birthday!!  #4, J and Curly Tops! [was a little windy outside :)]

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010


The boys are off to the woods. 
I have never seen my boys so excited - ever.  Even Justin quoted the Disney commercial the night before they left "I'm too excited to sleep!"

Isaiah is stuck with the girls, he will have to get a few more years on him before he packs-in.

I had a tough night last night. The dog barked allll night and little sleep was to be had.
Today started poorly and I got into a pit. I was struggling with climbing out. I shut off the computer (good idea for addicted me) and took the kids swimming, came home and Lily grabbed a few books for me to read to her and Isaiah as we sat outside. I started to laugh because this was how it started:

"For the Heart"

"Every now and then a sad day will come. Maybe we're sick or it's raining outside. When sad days come, think a happy thought. Think about God's love for you. That can make you happy all the time!"

The next page was the song "Happy All the Time" then "I've got Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy"

I was kinda chuckling [not because I think "think a happy thought and everything will be OK"] but that God loves me so much He was reminding me that my joy comes from Him!

Thanks for the reminder God!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Evening Entertainment!

We are big time lovers of animals.

That being said, I thought I would show you our evening entertainment.

Ashton has to take her 4H hog to the other side of the property [so she will not eat the other hogs dinner - she is such a pig]. On her way back she likes to play in the sprinklers. Quite funny to see a 300 lb hog jump around.


All that jumping can work up a great thirst {look at her tail - it was going round and round}!
And finally, she was all done and took a break [if you are not laughing right now, somethings wrong!]