Monday, February 14, 2011


My Dad sent me new jammies for Valentines Day [thanks Dad!].  And it is a good thing he did because I have worn them the last two days

Trying to process all that happened.

The beauty, the pain, the injustice, the joy......the whole journey.

A friend posted a pic on her blog of spilled marbles a few weeks ago and I think that best explains me right now.

I can not wait to share [I think].  Where to start?

I think I will share a few fun facts since stories are not coming to me right now.

*I got to worship in a mud hut with my Sister!
*I got to spend my second trip with a Sweet Friend that I met on my first.
*A lady that looks JUST like my Grandma was working at S@nyu, AGAIN.  As my friend and I walked up the steps, up walks Anna (aka Grandma's twin).  Last time I could not stay in the same room as her because I would start crying - she looked so much like her!  She had arrived at S@nyu THAT DAY!  Whoa whoa - I nearly flipped!  God gave me my G-ma look alike again - I think God just likes to thrill me sometimes.
*I got to hug the neck of the team leader of the Watoto Choir that was here (in our home) 2 years ago.  He and I worked closely 2 years ago and when the team went to a Wed. night service at Watoto Church guess who was visiting?  Cool hu?
*Road in boat on Lake Victoria.
*Hugged hundreds of children.
*Ate Rolexes until I wanted to throw up.
*Realized all over again that my husband is my best friend and I missed our late night talks, desperately.
*Ate chocolate at 2 am by candle light with a couple of friends that could not sleep either.

OK - I must get to the bills - seems so ..... strange but needs done [I guess ;)].


I interrupt this post-trip processing time with a million posts but I want to share to link this awesome story!

I love Esther and am thrilled to see my Sis and Bro in Law shining the light of Jesus so bright!

Click HERE!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Here and Full!

So much to tell!
The trip here I will save for another post as it was filled with struggles and victories.

The minute I stepped of the plane the all familiar smell came rushing back and.....I loved it!  How strange to feel so at home in a foreign place.  As we drove from Entebbe to Kampala I was filled with God's love for me - filled to the top!  I cried as we drove and was overwhelmed with the sense that I was right where I should be.  I felt the Lord so strongly, I will never forget it!

I am filled with gratitude for my Jesus that He would even use a sinner like me, in this way.  I am so undeserving.

more to come.....