Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5 years and 3 years

Three years ago today I got a phone call that I will NEVER forget!

Justin was on a mission trip with these wonderful people .  We knew God may be calling us to adopt but did not know if it was now or in ten years.

God had given us a name tho.  [How have I not written about this?  If I have, I can not find it. :/]

In December of 2006 one of our best friends passed away in a tragic accident.  I was 8 months pregnant with Lily.  We did not know if baby was a she or a he.  We were nailing down names in the midst of Ryan's passing, and as clear as could be, we knew the name of our baby was Isaiah Ryan.  3 weeks later, out popped LILY.  He was a she and not Isaiah.  We both were a little confused [but thrilled because she was just down right perfect].  We really thought baby was a boy because the name was so clear to us.  We joked about it but that was the end of it and we never really talked about it until…..

2 years later Justin was preparing for the mission trip.  He was praying and asking God about the possibility of adoption and God reminded him of that name.  He already had given us a name.

3 years ago today Justin walked into a babies home and asked if there was an "Isaiah" there.  A sweet volunteer said "yes, one."

[this video was taken in 2009 when Justin met Isaiah]

Isaiah was right about Lily's age.

I will never forget sitting in the parking lot of the kids' school (waiting to drive for a field trip) and Justin called.  All I remember him saying was… "Isaiah say HI, say HI" - I started screaming "what do you mean there is an Isaiah there!!!!!"  Yup, his first words he heard from me was but very happy/shocked screaming!  I could not believe there was an Isaiah there.  An Isaiah that was born around the time God gave us that name.  Glory to God that knows all things and holds all things together.

Justin and I did not know if we could adopt him but trusted that this was God's prompting and we would follow His [very clear] lead.

Not long after the trip we were matched!

3 years later, he has been home two and a half years and we can not imagine life without him.

Happy Birthday Buddy!


  1. Quit making me cry! I remember this so well myself, just like it was yesterday, I remember saying to you, " he just walked in and asked if there was an Isaiah there?" Yip, and there he was!!!!.... it's a good day to remember, and happy birthday to Isaiah!

  2. Happy Birthday to Isaiah! Loved every word of this post!

  3. Happy Birthday Isaiah!!! Love this kid....and love that God has used him and your journey to open our eyes and hearts to so much.


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