Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Two years ago, I had a little secret.  We had a little secret.  

This very day, two years ago, I was sharing at church about the 2011 trip to Uganda.  Once we arrived at church I got a text…. 4 cm and a picture of a resting mama…. today was going to be the day.

I giggled to God how He plans things so sweetly.  

5 cm.

I reminded my heart, we will walk this path no matter the outcome…. DON'T get attached.

We shared about Uganda, it was nice, I ran back to my seat and grabbed my phone…. 6 c.m.

Oh my… I wanted to stand up on my chair, stop the service and say "hello!  we are having a baby here!!!!"  But I didn't.  I just stared at my phone.

Church was over… we told our pastor and a few trusted friends.  We headed home.

A few hours later pics came through of the most adorable baby boy with a full head of hair!

The question was asked, "what's his name?"  

Oh my… my heart was not really listening…. take the step… don't get a attached…. then repeat.

"Daniel," I wrote.  She said "that's a nice strong name."  Oh tears.  My heart then turned to her.  

I have never felt so connected to a woman I did not know.  My heart shattered for her.  How will this work?  I knew God was giving me this love for her so that I would pray… passionately.  I knew God would be her only comfort.

From that moment forward I loved her.  My heart hurt for her, yet I thought she was ever so brave to love this babe so much.  She knew she was not in a place to care for him, so she gave him the best care she could.

I think of her often.  I want Lil D to know that his birth mom was a sweet natured woman that loved him so.

Days later we were on a plane, a short drive and he was in our arms…… he has been ever since.


Monday, February 25, 2013

There has been a stirring in Justin and I.

A stirring that has gone on for about 3 years.

We have prayed, push on doors, kicked on doors, sat down, pouted a while [mostly me] and prayed some more…. knowing full well that God will do what He wants in His perfect timing.

I wrote this 2 + years ago [pllllease excuse the millions of typos… I can't seem to write without them ;)].

There were 3 things we felt like God had called us to: 1.) Domestic Adoption 2.) Sell our house 3.) Move to Africa for a season.

They did not make sense together, at that time.

Now?  They are coming to fruition right before our eyes.

Number 1 is about to turn 2 years old!  Have I mentioned how much we adore him?  We do!

Number 2 is "in process" with some of our favorite people on the planet.  God confirmed to them that they would be buying this house years ago.  [the details of that process needs its own blog post - one thing first tho - every drop of sweat and dollar spent on this home only makes it sweeter to sell to this family that will use this place for ministry.  Friends ask if I am sad to leave all that we have worked towards for 8 years and I can say a resounding, "NO" because I feel like we are passing on a home to these co-laborers for God's glory!]

Number 3 is on the horizon with MANY details yet to be nailed down but rapidly approaching…..

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Refreshed, Loved, Reminded.

Remember this weekend?

After our experience there, we cheered for it to come here.  And guess what?  It did!  Almost a year to the date!

It's now in the form of Fortify!  Check it out.

"FORTIFY seeks to strengthen marriages, families, churches and communities by guiding vocational and volunteer Christian leaders to discover and learn how to use their unique personality temperaments, strengths and passions."

I think every church/gospel community should do something like this.  This is not a magic pill, there is no new formula but just stepping back to look at each individual and highlighting how God made them to work best within the body of Christ and in marriage.

But it is more than that…

The leadership team truly believe in transparency as "fellow strugglers."  They are strugglers helping fellow strugglers in this race.  They believe in mentorship.  They believe in transformation rather than behavior modification.  Boasting in Christ alone.

After both weekends I have walked away feeling loved and cared for.  I think others did too.

On a very personal note… the timing of these friends coming out from Denver was simply divine.  We know God has plans for us to "do" a bit more life together than just this…. I can't wait to see what God has planned.  I believe it is going to be good.

[my fellow snugglers… I mean strugglers….love you girls.]