Friday, May 11, 2012

day 3

today was MUCH more bearable.

The blood dr. went over everything very thoroughly.  She explained that because his only symptom is DI, that that nearly rules out one of the three possibilities given yesterday.  We can not completely rule it out but should press on toward the other two.  She kindly placed our case back into the hands of the neurosurgeon and said she will keep an eye on all of the results of future test.

Where does this leave us now?

MRI next week at Stanford and lumbar puncture.  He will be asleep for both.

Once he wakes and feels up to it, we will walk back over to the neurosurgeon to look at the MRI.  It will take a few days to read the results of the lumbar puncture so we will come back home.  From there, we will know what we are looking at next.

How are we?

Tired.  Justin and I are spent.  Dawson has done great, and I mean GREAT, but he was pretty excited to crawl into his bed tonight too.  :)  Hunter was an amazing big brother and loved his brother well - fighting and all [we need to keep things normal, ya know? ;)]

My nerves are on edge.  I really am battling some strange things.  Maybe it's a mom thing, maybe it's a coping mechanism but I just don't want to go back there.  I want to stay home and continue on with life.  Sometimes I find myself thinking this is all just weird because he has a habit.  Yup, still kinda want to think that.  Weird, hu?

Every time his medicine wears off, in a strange way, it helps me re-understand that we have to continue on.

Thankfully my better half can think clearer, and I know we will go back.

Speaking of my better half…. I just need to say out loud what an amazing husband he has been.  Apparently big words, sick children and cities tend to clog my brain.  I can't think.  I stare at people and their lips are moving but in my head I am thinking…. "i can't understand you."  Justin can.  I am so thankful.  He asks intelligent questions, while I try to tell the Dr.'s how healthy Dawson is [hoping they will see things my way and send us home with a big-ol-misunderstanding explanation].  I must have said a million times "he has only been on one round of antibiotics ever."  Husband gets serious and tracks with the Dr.'s.  We would be in a mess with out him.  I am so thankful for him.  He is a godly man that leads his family well.

Our families have been the "Aaron and Hur" we have needed.  Last night I was having trouble sleeping, so I cried … and as I was crying I was thinking "my sisters better be praying right now because I am so tired I can not even pray."  Then today my sis wrote (with having NO clue that happened in my head) "remember when Leanne [one of her BFF's] called and said to me, "I'm too tired to even pray?" This is when your sisters and brothers hold you up in prayer and you don't even have to have any words."

Those were my exact thoughts.  God is so good.  

We are thankful for each person that is praying and loving on our family.  

We know The Healer.  

We know He hears.


  1. We all are taking shifts in praying. I believe God has been organizing those shifts. I totally get you wanting to go home. I am so glad Justin is right there leading.
    Love you!

  2. you got it sister, I think the Lord has us all on a 'schedule' around the clock of prayer for you. You just 'rest' in that, and cry if you want without a thought even behind it. We've got your back in the prayer department.

  3. As a mommy, my heart is just crying for you. As your sister-in-Christ, I am praying for you constantly. I am so sorry sweet friend! Sending a hug and loves,

  4. Let us do the prayin!!! You are to stand there and be the mom. You are to do life as normal as possible and let us stand in the gap!!!! Love ya tons.

  5. Ah Shauna, we are so with you. Praying all the time for Dawson. Don't you just hate waiting? I do. I despise it. It is a hard assignment for those of us who like to be in control, make a plan, and line up all our duckies!!

    And yet, so many times the Word encourages us to wait on the Lord. Wait. Wait. Wait. On him. He's got our back. Just chill out.

    Easier said than done.

    We are continuing to lift you guys up, pray you guys up, and are expecting things to be glorious for you all. We love you guys so much.


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