Friday, April 1, 2011

All 8 on the the mountain!

Last week we had a huge storm that dropped around 10 feet of snow at the ski park.  Today it was clear skies and 60* on.the.mountain!  
Perfect day to go!

Daniel did great and the two little ones had fun playing in the snow.
Next year is their turn!

[and three of the best dads I know]

The boys skiing with Daddy.  This was #3's first time.  He did well in his lesson so Daddy took him on the lift!

[#1 was hard to get a pic of because she was always on the slopes with her friends.... but she was there :0)]

What a beautiful day.


  1. yahhhhh, what a blast, that looks like so fabulous fun. I love that they ski, this is so cool! How much fun!

  2. Ohhhh, that looks like a perfect day!!! Love the mama holding her precious little baby picture!!!!


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