Thursday, April 28, 2011

WE can do it!

I have a friend that has a heart of gold.
God put us together in Africa - twice!
I would love love LOVE [that is her name ;)] to tell you more about her (and someday soon I will) but for now, I need to share what she is doing and how WE are going to help.

There is a girl that WE [meaning you who are reading right now and me!] are going to help fund her adoption!

Please click HERE to read more.

I am thinking online party.

Can WE raise $200 to do our part?

Let's do our part.  

Let's not know and do nothing about it.

Now you know about a little girl, sitting in an orphanage, waiting for a family and there is something that we can do.

Join me?


[details of OUR party to come - start saving your pennies]

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