Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I have always "worn" my babies.
I will try to dig out pics of #1 in a baby bjorn.
She lived in it.
So did 2,3 and 4.

When #4 would not let me put her down, I found the ring sling.  She preferred the front pack so I thought I had wasted $60.00.  Then #5 came along and he loved it!

When we found out about #6 I purchased a moby wrap.  Perfect!!

I love babywearing.
My treasures are only little once.
They feel safe and secure being close to mommy.

Joining the Babywearing Bloggers!

[pic taken last night - no shower in days - but that is life with a newborn ;)]


  1. And you wear them well sis!!! Beautiful mommy, beautiful baby!

  2. I have always loved baby wearing also!!!

  3. I love their little behinds in these things...so stinkin' cute! Yes, you wear a baby well...

  4. That is right where little ones belong, next to mom's (or dad's) heart.


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