Thursday, March 31, 2011

Prayer Please

Please pray for the Redeemer House Kids.  21 out of 23 have been sick, including my Mother-In-Law.  They need a healing touch from the Lord.

I know this is a Spiritual battle - there are so many amazing things happening right now.  We serve a God that is much stronger, much more able to heal and restore!  Let's pray for them.

Please pray for healing!

Please pray for a good Mama [this has proven to be harder than one may think].

Please pray for the staff.

Please pray for my Mother-In-Law, Kathy.  I know very few women that can go like that woman can.  Did you know she has not had electricity this year - at.all?!  Even when she goes into town, it often is out.  Please pray for power, as in electric and from On High! :)

Thank you bloggy friends!


  1. Praying for sure!!!! Oh God has so many wonderful plans for Redeemer House and the beautiful children there. WE ARE PRAYING!!!


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