Thursday, April 21, 2011

Holy Spirit or Self Emotion?

I have frustrated a lot of people by saying the big fat "NO" word lately.  I am not good at saying no.
I am a people pleaser.  I want people to like me, be pleased with me and be the one to "get it done" for them.

Having a baby and a large family do one thing very well - force me to ask God where He wants me - it becomes very apparent when I am out of balance.

What that looks like right now is slllllllllowing waaaaaay dowwwwwn.  

So out comes the big NO card.

Ouch, it hurts.

People think I no longer care about  _______ [whatever it may be] and that is just not true.

Hubby and I are very active with Redeemer House and other Ug@ndan ministries.  We love it.  We love those kids.  We fully support my MIL and try to be her biggest cheerleaders [and will continue to].  We love many Ug@ndans and are already looking forward to the next time we get to see them [Lord leading and Lord willing (and you bet I am praying for it!)].

But that is not our God.

Our desire is to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.  In what we do and how we do it.  Just because it may seem like a good thing to do does not mean that God desires for me to do _______.

Last fall I could not stop thinking about leading a womens trip - heavy, heavy burden.  Therefore to my knees I went and cried out to God that it be Him and not me.  Over and over He confirmed for me to GO.  I believe that is where He desired for me be, and do, at that time in my life.  Those were the good works He had prepared for me [Ephesians 2:10].

Right now God has placed a deep desire and burden to focus here at home.  On my husband and children.  This is not to say that my heart was not always there, I have been a stay at home mom for 12 years.  But this is a new deeper burden, new season.

Next year I will be homeschooling the kids.  [talk about needing to focus - hello! :)]

I am growing a garden and trying not to kill it this year [which will be a first - will take focus].

Our family is a part of a milking co-op now.  I am learning all kinds of new things with having fresh raw milk twice a week.  [we love it! and if you want information on raw milk I have spent far too much time in research and can share one of my 10 million websites :)].

God has a reason for this new season too.

I am trusting Him.

My heart is to be Holy Spirit lead.

Lord please help me to keep my eyes on You and what You desire for me to do in this new season.  Oh, and thank you for this new season, I am loving it!  Amen :)


  1. Oooo...homeschooling! Its fun and even better with a lot of littles! You'll do great:)

  2. Wow, well said! And welcome to the wonderful world of NO! I have become the Queen of No lately, and it sure feels great! In fact, I think I use that word like other people use “umm.” A very wise woman once told me that it’s OK to say “yes” to things that take us away from our homes, as long as we keep in mind that saying yes to one thing means saying no to another (and often it is our families who end up on the receiving end of no). I find that if I do too many things then I don’t do any of them well, and then my kids are more likely to stage a coup (you know they can smell weakness, just like a hyena).

    The ministry in the home is a HUGE one, and the first calling of us who have hubbies and kiddos. Too often, home ministry is treated (even from the pulpit sometimes) as a hindrance that KEEPS us ladies from having ministries, when it is actually THE ministry. (1 Timothy 2:15, Titus 2:3-5!!!!). It is usually a pretty thankless ministry and not one that brings much applause, but who needs all that when we have a “Well-done-good-and-faithful-servant” in our future and children who may one day rise up and call us blessed, like Ms. Proverbs 31)!!

    You are doing a fantastic job in the HUGE ministry God has given you (as evidenced by your sweet kids and that goofy smile your hubby always wears, hee-hee). God is pleased when you serve Him this way and follow his perfect leading. Love you, dear Sis!

  3. It’s a beautiful place to be!!!!!! Praying for ya’ll.

  4. sometimes I think if we aren't doing the BIG things that look and sound big then we aren't doing what the Lord asks of us but there is a time in everything and as we have talked this journey of where you are on right NEVER know how the Lord is going to use it to HIS glory again!

    I love your path right now you little farmer Momma....

  5. Right where you need to be! I can totally relate. I even made my phone msg. say that "I MIGHT call you back!" hee hee

    Praying for you and your crew in these very full and wonderful days!

    Can't wait to see you soon . . . but not offended if you say 'no'. LOL!

    love you,

  6. This is encouraging & inspiring and gives me even greater resolve to firm up my own healthy boundaries. I've scaled back once before, but I'm getting ready to do it again (necessarily!). It's always my kids, husband & God who get the short end of the stick when I'm over-committed. Here's to wisdom & discernment as we spend our time & energy and set our priorities! Great post!

  7. LOVE you so much friend! Love this post and love your heart! Praying for you and sending you the biggest hug right now! What a BEAUTIFUL season you are in!

  8. Oh Shauna...I know just how hard that "NO" word can be. There may even be some casualties along the way to being focused just on what God wants you focused on. But it is better to suffer for doing what is right.

    Okay that was a little of a downer note...on more of an up note, I will keep you in my prayers as you continue seeking God about what He would have you do. There are a lot of good and worthy causes, etc., out there but being focused on the ones He would have you focus on are where the blessings flow.

    Go Momma!!!! :)


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