Thursday, April 12, 2012

You fed him WHAT?

When I was on my way to meet lil D, I had emailed some other adoptive mama's to see what formula they gave their new chics.  I had only nursed my itty bittys and never had to move into the world of formula.  I would have love to relactate and nurse him too but time was the problem.  To those interested in relactating, it is a very real possibility and there is help out there to make it happen.  I did try but quickly realized I need to pursue plan B.  [breast milk is best - no doubt about it and that is a hill I am willing to die on - whoop whoop for all you nursing mamas out there!]

Back to plan B.

A friend whom I admire her eating habits, emailed what she fed her little cherub.  Homemade Raw Milk Formula.

That sparked a huge interest.  We already were milking and drinking raw milk!

For the next 3 weeks I researched it to death.  I have this crazy thing about research.  Google only feeds that in me.  Before google I would go to the library and check out every book on the subject.  I called people and in the end felt overwhelmed by the recipe so I decided to just keep on the "easy" route.

Lil D was not a fan.  He grew but had really bad tummy aches.  His sweet little legs would curl up and his poop was not normal.  We landed on soy formula and I had no peace about it.

At 4 months old, I had had enough and decided to go with what I felt was right from the start.

Raw Milk Baby Formula

The first time I made the recipe it took me 20 minutes and my older kiddos had to help. hehe  It was a team effort.  [and funny memories were made]

I nervously gave it to my baby and…… he loved it!  Not only did he love it but his tummy did not hurt!  He was more content then he had been from day one!

I quickly saw changes.  His poop was closer to that of a nursing babe and he rarely spit up.  Before that, he spit up A TON.  He slept more content and woke happy.  It was a major change and friends made comments that he was a different baby.  Hubby was thrilled (and had wanted me to do it from the start).

Each day I would prepare it fresh and it was a commitment.  Whey had to be made in advance and all 14 ingredients had to be on hand and fresh.  For us, that meant milking 3 times a week to have the freshest cream.

I eventually memorized the recipe and could make, the days worth, in 10 minutes.

We continued until he was a year old and moved to straight raw milk.  He did great!  Since then, we have not had as much raw milk on hand, and he is doing just great on all foods and store milk.  His system is very healthy and I know it was because of the great start he had with the raw formula.

He had a couple of colds but other than that was/is a picture of health.  Praise the Lord!

I was nervous.  Something about RAW MILK sounds so scary.  Can I just say that that is something brainwashed into us.  Yes, it can be bad!  Yes, there can be very bad bacteria, very bad.  But can I also say that all food can be contaminated.  In a perfect world we could grow all our own food, know what goes in and control the environment of all our food.  

When it comes to raw milk I always tell people:  I would only consume raw milk that I had milked!  You have to KNOW all conditions.  If I did not have the time or availability to do this, then we would not be a raw milk family.  Period.

When we milk, both Justin and I, think about the fact that lil D will be consuming it.  If there was ever a question in conditions then we would low heat pasteurize it (I only had to do this twice).

I could write a lot more on raw milk and the benefits of it but I must get to the day.  Be blessed.

[if anyone has questions, I have a few amazing people that can answer them - feel free to ask]

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  1. That is awesome. When some of my siblings came home store bought formula was aslo upsetting to their stomachs so we bought goats milk from a local farmer out here and they loved it, no more upset tummies.


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