Friday, April 27, 2012

there they are...

When I wrote this post I knew there was a pic somewhere of us together when we were young.  Today, I was not looking but found them!

I was 11.  He was 14.

[how do you like the ginormous attitude I'm sportin'?…. I am sure this moment was super uncool to 11 yr old me…. sorry mom ... now I love this moment captured…thanks ;)]

That's me and my red face [and awesome permed bangs] … it was always 120* in the show ring.
That's hubby [and his really large hat].

 6 years later:

What 11 year old me wrote on the back of the picture:

How do you like the end end?  

Thankfully it was not the end end.


  1. Those are the BEST!!!! I'm so glad you found those. Fun fun fun memories.

  2. Great memories of a sweet chapter in all of our lives...and more sweet chapters are being created as years of your union together continue....God does such good work!!! PTL!! I wish Grandpa Franke could have shared this with Grandpa Vaughan..I can invision and hear them giggling about it together now....

  3. I love this so much, it is so cool to know you can fall in love at such an early age and BOOM look at your today! Pretty cool, and that attitude you are sportin'? You don't ever have that now do you?

  4. CUTE!!! Isn't it funny how God works things out...he was probably laughing when you and your attitude took that picture hehe! You guys have one of the cutest love stories out there. I love you both so much!! :)


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