Monday, April 16, 2012


No shower.

I am obsessed with the upcoming state test for the kids.  i print, reprint and print more released questions over and over.

Was feeling today was a loss… until this:

and this

and every inch of this

she even saw what I saw

more cute

he melts me.  

all my kids do.

[have i mentioned how much they love eachother?]

Random, I know, but it was a bit of today.

Off to load the printer with more paper. [not joking] ;)


  1. ok, so here's the deal with state tests. ready? it's going to stress you out a little . . . shh. don't tell, but they don't really matter. really. don't stress. tell your kiddos to do their best but that if they don't know something, all it means is that they haven't learned it yet. AND, some of what is on the test MAY be important to you for them to learn - and if it is, you will at some point get that information to them. . . and some of what is on the test is simply not important. nope. nada. i know it is WAY out of normal american life not to stress about standardized tests, but they don't really measure what kids know and they don't really measure it accurately anyways. call me for some real life examples. it's o.k. Your kids are WONDERFUL and are doing just fine. If there was no state test coming up, would you be worried about how your kids are doing? probably not. ask yourself - do they have or are they learning the basic tools for learning: basic math skills, reading, and writing? beyond that, do they love to learn? do they love the Lord? do they love and obey their parents? do they love others? do they have life skills that would help them actually survive and thrive in life? can they feed and diaper a baby? can they cook, clean, speak with adults, use money, milk a goat, plant a garden, use a computer, etc. . . ? see what I mean? your kids are just fine. don't stress! ;) (guess what? today one of my children who isn't reading yet just filled in bubbles on his answer sheet. yes, he really did. and tomorrow our life will continue on as usual and it will really be o.k.).

    Love u!

    1. I get that. I really do, but I am using it to figure out what I may have missed. I have not focused a ton on the standards but trying to make sure I have at least touched on it - so if they miss a question, then I go over whatever that concept is. After the test we are done done done doing that and back to what I want to teach them! :)

  2. Running out of paper here too :( Can't wait until it is over. I really dislike jumping through hoops.....just want to get back to homeschooling from the heart <3

  3. My Dear Friend, the state standards are random and have no relevance to real learning! It is merely a hoop you must jump through, kids in tow, in order to remain a member of your charter school. You assess your children every. single. day. because you are with them and know exactly what they are learning. The only value in that @#$% test is that your kids will learn how to proficiently fill in a circle with a number 2 pencil, which I guess is sort of important in this electronic-assessment world. But other than that, it is completely of no consequence. Just another case of your tax dollars at work!

    You're a great mom and a great teacher. A standardized test does not assess that. I totally love you!

    I guess I've been hanging out with Jen too much LOL!

    1. I know you well my friend and was wondering when you would weigh in ;). I love you AND Jen to pieces! [you crazy rebellious anti state testers you] You both are right and I am sure I will be rowing in your boat in no time…. but for now, I like to torture myself slowly. ;)

  4. You have the cutest kids I know!!!! Every single one of them is adorable and melts my heart!!!! :)


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