Monday, April 9, 2012

Oh Glorious Day!

What a day to celebrate!

I can not think of a greater reason to party.

And party we did.

We ate.

No, we feasted. 

And enjoyed one another.

The daddies set up an Easter egg hunt for all 18 kiddos.

Every kid ran, ran and ran with big smiles.

How cute are these little ones?

It was a blessed day.

The Lord has had me in a season of being still, quieting down the noise in my life.  He impressed upon my heart, at the turn of the New Year, to remove myself from fb, slow down on bloggerland and tune into HIM.  Only The Lord knew the season that would come and it has been good to be a bit disconnected from the world.  The Lord has been speaking so clearly and showing Himself, yet agin, to be The Great Counselor that He is.  I love Him so.  He is so worthy to be praised!  

He is a tender Shepherd and has been shepherding my heart daily.  The Holy Spirit has stirred others to speak into my/our life and showing me the beauty of the body of Christ.  

Yesterday reminded me of LIFE.  Sometimes in darker days life can seem covered with a fog.  The fog is lifting.

He gives life, pressed down and FULL!

Spring is coming!     

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  1. looks wonderful! So glad to hear of His work in your heart. Would love to see you soon, dear friend!


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