Friday, March 25, 2011

Who Knew.

We are a public school family.

It has been on my heart to look into home schooling for years [and I have].

The timing never seemed right, and tho we felt the Lord was leading that way, we consistently felt like the answer was "not YET."

Two weeks ago I brought #3 home to do Independent Study here with me, at home.

I have had many fears about home school:

Will I actually do the work with them?

Will I like having them here all day, in the winter, or long for the bus to show up?

Will I be grumpy and make learning a "chore"?

Will they become unsocial and "off"?

So, as we made the decision to bring #3 home, it was time to face these fears.

And after to 2 weeks I want to shout from the roof tops - I LOVE IT!

I love doing the work with him! I feel like for the first time I know what he is learning and how he is doing! I can already see a softening of the heart in the social area. Public school can be tough and make kids hard if they have to battle something/someone daily. I love him being here - I always hate when school starts in the fall, I like having my kids around - even in the winter :).

I am so thankful for this "push" that I need to explore homeschooling.

I love it!

I am super excited to continue and see where this leads!
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  1. May God bless you in your efforts. It's exciting to watch them learn and grow. Intellectually, yes, but mostly....spiritually. :-)

  2. It is gratifying....congrats to you!

  3. I have always loved home educating our children!!!

  4. YAY!! Glad to hear it's going so well.

  5. ooooh, the honest fears you mentioned echo my own to a great extent! Thank you for sharing your experience and your heart.

  6. AMEN...Hallelujah! You can do it, Shauna. It is so rewarding!

  7. Its awesome.

    Its amazing!

    Its a blessing.

    Do it :-)


  8. I'm so happy to hear what a blessing it has been to you! I would love to hear more sometime!

    We LOVE homeschooling (although there are hard days - of course!) for the very same reasons - it is so wonderful to be with your children during the day and to be a part of what they are learning.

    Let's meet up soon!


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