Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Big Family Thoughts

Justin and I had a great time toting Daniel around Florid@ and having people oooh and awww.  They would start to tell us how fast it goes, and to enjoy it, and how hard the toddler years will be, followed by "you just wait" with an overwhelmed sigh.  Until....they asked if he is our first.  [this was our favorite part]  We would beam and say no, actually he is number 6!  They would gasp and suddenly become speechless as if we asked them to take a few home and raise them. :)  Some people would being to ask more questions about why we would do this and it would usually end with them sharing some part of their heart that was connected with adoption or their relationship with God, and others would just kinda walk away.

What I really want to tell people is how absolutely awesome it is!  Having many children is truly a blessing from God.

There are 10 little arms ready to hold the latest treasure.  10 little feet to grab a diaper or a binki.  5 little faces to talk to him while mommy makes dinner.  There is someone always ready to give love or help out.

This is F.A.M.I.L.Y.!

And I am in love.

And so are they.


  1. Oh sweet sister...that we were closer and then you would have two more hands and feet running to serve and love you all (me of course....) he is ADORABLE!!!!!!!! I am so happy for ya’ll!!!!

  2. family, beautiful, so sweet, I love it, love these guys, love you! Pictures are precious. Eat them all for me!

  3. I'm a little green over here (and not because it's St. Patty's day).... Lovin' your big fam. :)

  4. Got a little behind on your posts while packing for Mark! This is beautiful...totally has been my experience with just two older siblings...more just magnify the blessing!


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