Thursday, March 10, 2011

~thankful/grateful/love list for today~

~my 6 [6!] children.  i have weird thing with even numbers so that makes me happy[er].

~that God spoke clearly about Daniel - thank you God, I can not imagine life with out him

~my husband.  leader of our home.  my best friend.  my lover.  my partner in this crazy life.

~friends that have stepped in at a moments notice to play mommy and daddy.  praying God's rich blessing upon them.

~clean water

~healthy babes

~access to health care

~a good education for my children

~access to the Word of God - the light unto our path

~encouraging friends and family

~watching others step out in faith [fav]

~adoptions all over the place

~airplanes to take us to loved ones

[many more but time to feed Daniel...]  What are you thankful/grateful/in love with/for today? :)


  1. Today I'm thinking about that "thing" I told you about and I'm thankful for second chances. ;)

  2. This makes things much better....being thankful...I love ya, keep that baby close and tight and you'll be home soon enough to share him with everyone else.

  3. How lovely to "watch" your family grow!

    So very much to be thankful for.



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