Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The torch has been passed

This post is specifically for those who knew me growing up - others may think I have surely lost it. :)

Growing up I was known as "The Pig Farmer." I grew up in a family that raised and showed cattle, but oh no, not me. I loved the pig barn. When I was 7 I caught the pig in the greased pig race (and still carry guilt for elbowing the neighbor boy VERY hard and he still was talking about it when we were in high school, that pig was MINE:)) and there began my love for "pig farming." I took pigs to fair for 4-H and even took my sow with her babies as an exhibit. It was so fun and there, ring side of my pig, is where I actually met my hubby - haha! Strange for many, but pigs have always been a big part of my life.

#1 is taking her first animal to fair and to my excitement she choose pigs. She has enjoyed them since we got them but today told me the torch had been passed..............

We let the pigs out to run around and boy did they! But when one began to run towards the road I told all the kids to go run after them. A few minutes later Ashton was yelling at her brothers to leave her and her pig alone so she could calm it down and gently herd it back. I have so many of the same memories because, you see, the more you chase and upset a pig the harder time you have but the calmer and gentler you are with them the more they will go with your plan.. This is not something I taught her, she just figured it out. So I have decided the "pig fama" gene has been passed on. :)


  1. Haha! How cute. What special moments and treasures we have with our little ones.

  2. I was in that pig-chasing contest with you and remember that you were dead-set on getting that pig! How fun that you get to re-live the adventures with your daughter!

  3. I know she's her mama's daughter, but she may have gotten a little boost in the gene department from her daddy's side, too. I think all of her daddy's siblings caught a pig in greased pig contest over the years. Lisa won only a six-pack of Coke for her catch, but the boys sold their piglets for
    $25 apiece. Gotta buy those sheep, ya know? Happy pig farmin', Ashton. (Wow, those pigs are growing!)

  4. Lovin' the pig post! Pigs make me happy.


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