Saturday, May 30, 2009

Little Update!

I have talked to Justin a few times today - he is great! They had an amazing devotion time last night. I do not understand all the details but they heard people singing and praising God so they invited them over and had a mini church service - he said it was amazing. Then they went to Ssenge (the boys home) and built the foundation for the kitchen. When he called later he was at Sanyu caring for the little ones.

Justin is well and God is moving and a shakin' our world! We serve a mighty God and he is also a very confirming God!

On the home front: we are well, Lily is a ton better! Praise God!

Pray requests: That God continues to move in a mighty way and that his hand is upon ALL our family members!!


  1. It sounds like Justin is having an awesome time. I am excited to hear about his visits to Sanyu. Everything you post makes me long to be over there. I'll call you tomorrow (Monday). Glad Lily is better!

  2. Hi
    Praying for Justin & all that God is doing in & through him. Sounds like there is so much to take in theren& he is having a great time. This mission trip will change his already BIG compassionate heart & he will never be the same. Glad that little Lily is doing better. We are lifting you & the kids up to the Lord too while Justin is away.
    Blessing & Love

  3. Stunning reports coming from your Sister-station! Can't wait to hear more about Justin's trip. Praying for him. And you!



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