Friday, May 29, 2009

Strange Days

This last week or so I keep having these strange days filled with fun and drama - strange! Today was another one. Started out with a fun field trip ( I am usually not that much of a fan of field trips but this was to a cool place).
(A friend of mine, we are blessed to have 2 of our kids in the same classes - I just love her!)

Got home and decided I better get Lily's cough checked out beings that it was Friday. She was wheezing enough that she is on the nebulizer and steroids. She is already sounding better.

The down fall is that the steroids make her hyper, very hyper! She is laying in her bed right now talking a million miles a minute. Before bed I vacuumed up some strange bugs in our office, so she ran to her room, got her vacuum and wanted me to lift her up to vacuum up high too!

On the Uganda front: I talked to J a couple of times today - sounded great and loving it. We are so proud of him!! Please continue to pray for them, we can not tell you how much that means to us!


  1. Oh, the steroids!!! That happened to much so, we had to take her off of them! It was a little scary! Hope it gets in her system, does it's thing, and you are able to take her off soon! ; )

    Praying for Uganda for you guys! We are going to Sanyu ; )

  2. HI Shauna:
    Lily is so grown up. She has beautiful hair. Yeah, we know about the hyper thing!! Hopefully, she went to bed OK. Glad to hear Justin is doing well. I am sure he is taking it all in and many people are being impacted by his actions and love.
    God bless and have a great week,
    Bobbie & Wayne & Analise


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