Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weaving Hearts.

Almost two years ago I lead a women's trip to UG.  I knew, knew, knew that I was suppose to do that.  This was a giant leap of faith as I had never even been on a mission trip, let alone lead one.  As the trip started taking shape there were 2 girls from another part of the US that would join us in Amsterdam.  One of the girls had become near and dear to my heart, and since 2009 has become one of my closest friends.  Her friend from college felt called to join.  Her name is Anna.  [i wrote a funny about her/us here]

I loved Anna from the start and we became instant friends.

Fast-forward a year.

Anna was diagnosed with MS this Spring.

About the same time we discovered Dawson's DI and pituitary issues.

Through tears I have read her blog.  Through shaky texts we have exchanged love.  Through the phone we have laughed.

I stand amazed at God's weaving of lives together.  God weaved our hearts together to serve Him in Africa, but what He also did was give us each other to walk this past year out with.  No, we do not talk much but I know we both talk to God about each other.  I call that a good friend.

On the night before we leave for Stanford I sat and watched this.  I have NO doubt God prompted Anna to post her testimony of the past year tonight, for me.

Love you Anna and know that God used you mightily to focus my heart.  I know you would never ask for the road you are on but God is using it.  I can testify to that.


  1. I listened to Anna's talk, and it blessed me, too! I am so glad God gave you both the gift of each other's friendship. He is so good!


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