Monday, December 24, 2012

Do you ever have one of "those" moments?  Where you get a glimpse into a life that may have been yours?

Yesterday I was standing in a fancy grocery store, alone, with an arm basket, looking for a specialty item… this is not the norm.

My norm. is Costco, with a flat, with kids, buying bulk basics.

As I was standing there I just had a moment.  "This could have been me."  There has alway been a part of me that likes to be alone, all alone.  In that moment I realized, that could have been the norm. for me…. and I started to laugh.

In one unexpected moment standing in a fancy grocery store, looking for a fancy thing, I fell more in love with my crazy, large, messy, overwhelming, sticky, never.ending.laundry, always hungry, full of joy family.

I was washed with the realization that my family truly is a gift.  A gift not be taken for granted.

Sometimes I do not appreciate all that God has given me.  In fact sometimes I view it as burden.  The last 2 weeks have not been very fun.  Sick kid, after sick kid and then it hit me, hard.  With Christmas on the way and no energy to prep I have been feeling very ungrateful.

In a moment my heart was reminded…. life is a gift. These 6 lil lives I get to take care of are a gift.  What an honor.

Merry Christmas Eve.  May you see afresh the gifts God has given.   


  1. I have had that exact moment. I took a few more minutes than you to get a grip and realize what a gift I had in the life I lead. The movie 'The family man' speaks of this subject so well. Who would have knew....if someone said to you when you were thirteen that this is what your life was going to look like and laid it out there for you, would you have believed it? Merry Christmas Sister, love you!

    1. I thought of that movie too. They do such a good job of showing both. No, I would have said… um no, I am going to travel and have some International husband. Ha. Married to a hometown boy that I absolutely adore and live in a town that looks identical to the one I grew up in and loving it! God knows.

  2. ummmm.... family man is my total favorite. nate and i watch it every year. :) i love this post.:)

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