Wednesday, December 12, 2012

MRI done.

Endocrinology appointment was great and we love those people.  Very informative and caring to help us manage the Diabetes Insipidus.   

We then went to lunch [where we saw Jerry Rice :)] and chatted about the MRI.  He originally was scheduled to go under anesthesia for the MRI and blood draw.  We called our Dr.'s to ask if we could try without the meds, they said, "sure" and radiology said, "come on over, now".  We were met at the door by a lady that works with kids to make their experience as good as it can be.  I told her about Dawson's fear of needles [Dawson was already in tears at this point] and so she left and came back with a bunch of "tools" including an iPad for games.  She talked to him and stayed with him through the blood draw and PRAISE THE LORD it went great!  This was huge.  HUGE!

He did great in the MRI and to celebrate we had Krispy Kreme for dinner, followed with banana splits for dessert.  [amazing what you'll do as a mother sometimes] :)

Tomorrow we will get the MRI results.

[Ashton and Dawson in front of Lucile Packards beautiful Christmas lights]

Thank you for praying!  God is good!


  1. so glad to hear this. Dawson is awesome! Looks like you had a little fun inbetween? Like Jerry Rice? Hellooooo!!!

  2. God is so present. Thanks for the update. Love ya. Praying.

  3. Yay, God! Love seeing Him at work! So glad things went better with the needle. That was one of my big prayers. And I think Krispy Kremes and banana splits are a great dinner after a day at the hospital! Love you!

  4. Praise God!! Praying for great results! xoxo


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