Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vacation 2011

We were blessed to go on a last minute family vacation this summer.

I had prayed and prayed for a specific vacation because anyone with a boatload of kids [little kids] knows that not all vacations are created equal.

If we were going to go - it needed to fit our family.

I saw an ad to for a vacation rental for a fraction of the regular price.

We jumped on it, and I have to tell you that God answered every.request.I.had.made. 

I believe God loves to see His children work hard, serve much and play hard too!

Oh and that we did.

We ONLY played [and ate, but isn't that the same thing?].

I had prayed for a pool.  A private pool.  I wanted to teach #3 to swim.

I had prayed for a place where we would not be worried about neighbors.  [we are a super loud quiet family]

                                         [Headed out to pick black berries.  See no neighbors. :)]

I had prayed for a place that Hubby and I could enjoy spending time in God's Word.

Time with each other.

And just enjoy these children we have been blessed with.

Life can get so busy sometimes.

I did not want to fill our time with "to do's."  The only "to do" was enjoy each other.

Soak up the very gifts God has given.


God hears our prayers.

For the big things.

And the little.

He is good.

He gives good gifts.

All good things come from Him.


  1. love, love, love this! But next time I think you need some cousins and an Auntie to join in~ha! Really, this is beautiful and the Lord knows how to blow us a kiss doesn't He?

  2. love! looks perfect. and, man, your family looks big! [awesome and way cute, but BIG!] wonder if i'll think that of our soon-to-be family photo.

    and really...i want to move by you. is that crazy?

  3. Beautiful, and beautifully written. Thankful for your sweet family time together. God is so good!

  4. Beautiful, and beautifully written! So thankful you guys got to have such a great time away. God is so good!

  5. Looks like such a wonderful time as a family!!!!!

  6. I LOVE your pics! Looks like an amazing getaway! Definitely my style! In fact, I feel rested just looking at your pics! Lol!

  7. You lucky girl! So where were you? It looks like paradise (like the real paradise, not the one in northern CA, hee, hee). Can you get my fam a discount too??? Otherwise, I'll just live vicariously :-).

  8. Hi
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  9. What a wonderful time. So glad for your family.

  10. so glad you got to get away. sounds wonderful and perfect!


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