Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Supporting Cast

This past week was a pure blessing.

It came on the heels of two full weeks of pure craziness.  You know those weeks where you want to scream, "WHAT ELSE?" and then …. there is something else!?

The Lord was good to quiet my soul (not an easy task I might add) and remind me that He defends.

Amen Lord, I trust you.


A little beaten and battered I entered into a week I had been waiting for, for almost a year!

Our little church, in our little town, was hosting the national convention for the fellowship we are a part of.

Pastors and speakers were flying in from all over and we were getting the opportunity to host a family here in our little home.  [something I had been praying for]

Justin and I love hosting.  We always have.  We like people here.  We like new people here and familiar people here.

If you want to speak my love language you will sit in your jammies, sipping coffee, until late morning.  The dishes will be piled and the kids will be in their jammies running outside, just being kids.

There is something about being in our jammies, hair a mess, no makeup, coffee, scones and talking about Jesus, life and all in between that 

I sit here full, marveling at God's family.

Where else can you truly love one another and share a deep bond almost immediately?

We were reminded this week that we [the children of God] are the supporting cast.  Jesus is the lead role and we each have a part to play in His story.  What a privilege and honor - praise His name!

I was blessed to count a few more, supporting cast members, as my friends.

We love you Randall Family and I am sure, we will meet again.


  1. Loved the post, but mostly loved the pictures of Daniel...that baby could not get any cuter.

  2. Ok, now that solves the mystery of why you had an RV parked in front of your house. I noticed it there last time I drove by and thought, "Hmm, they have an RV. Where are they going? Can I come, too?" Now I know!

    Can't believe the pic of your tiny boy sitting up all by himself. My little guy is still rolling around on the floor like a grub. He had better kick it into gear or he won't be able to keep up with that cutie of yours.

    And one more thing: can I come over for coffee and scones in my jammies, too? My super comfy ugly worn-out mommy jammies? I'll bring the scones (and some more kids to add to the mix). Or better yet, let's have your sweet girl make those scones.. she makes Betty Crocker look like a prison cafeteria cook!

    Love you!

  3. eeeks! i love those pics of isaiah and grayson! the one of me and you made me question our friendship-- but i forgive you. ;) we miss you guys already!! :)


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