Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fails and Hopes

Homeschooling seems to be a little ….. up and down, here at our house.

One moment I am thinking, "right on, we are getting this thing!"

The next I am crying - they are crying.

There seems to be little in between.

I was repeating "just because this is hard does not mean it is bad!"

My preteen agreed.

So we are standing on that right now.

I have hope.

I can see where I want to go with this and glimpses of how to get there.

We are just not there yet [or really even on that path but we can see it with binoculars. :)].


  1. Love hopes all things!


    Something that helped me when I first started homeschooling was that homeschool does NOT have to "look" like a public school.

    Observe your little ones. Understand how they learn. Be creative and have fun. God created us to learn, and learning children will do :-)

    Blessings and prayers,

  2. Hi Shauna, Just want to say that I think every teacher has felt some of what you felt today. I especially related to the part about speaking louder when a child does not seem to understand....I've been down that road many times. But I also want to encourage you to hang in there. What you've taught your children thus far is invaluable......the science, math, and geography will come, too, and so will the creativity. Just reading your blog makes me know that you have what it have insight and understanding into the lives of your children. And most of all, you have a heavenly father that knows your heart and commitment. I love you all! Lois

  3. Dear Shauna,
    This is our 12th year of homeschooling, and I *still* have days like these. But, in my opinion, the decision to homeschool is a little bit like adopting - once the Lord has placed it on your heart, we just have to obey. In our flesh, no way. It is just hard (adoption and homeschooling)! But, oh the blessings that will come. We decided a long time ago that our goal was not going to be "let's be the most academic family" Don't get me wrong, I strive to do a job "worthy of the calling", and I want to represent the homeschool community well. However, when I am having a particularly tough day, I just "pull back" and remind myself of why we have chosen this path. I write all this to encourage you :) You are doing a GREAT job, and they WILL learn in spite of us ;)

  4. love you! i'm so proud of you for taking this leap of faith for how He has led you. i know we're coming to it soon and i need you to get a grip on it and tell me everything you know! ; )
    you're a great mom. friend. wife. teacher.

  5. Oh, I feel your 'all' in this area, you know you can call if you need sisterly ears...I so get it!


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