Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Oh yes, things are lookin' up.

Feeling a rhythm.

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I always seem to welcome new seasons yet go into them kicking and screaming.

This new season is here.

I am liking it more every day.

The chill in the air helps.

My heart is no longer drawn to completing our summer goals list [only 3 to go but that's ok].

We had a great summer.

Now it is Fall.

Welcome Fall.

I am glad you are here.


  1. good for you, my sister! Enjoy every minute....

  2. Yay! Cause fall means no more blasted tomatoes to pick or cucumbers to pickle LOL! Come on fall, I'm ready for you, too! Let's just have a nice big frost so my garden can die and I can get on with life!!


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