Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mother Daughter Night

Saturday night we were blessed to gather with other Christian moms that desire to have our daughters grow in the ways of the Lord.  All of our treasures are in their tween years and we realize we are headed, full steam, into years that are full of change.

I love how one mom put it. Let's get into ready position, as best we can, instead of being afraid or running away from the tough issues. Then we all shared a bit of our hearts.

It was a blessing to me and I feel it put a few more tools in my tool bag, as we enter the junior high years.

[all of the girls wanted to run outside and twirl in their pretty heart skipped a beat, wanting to keep her twirling forever, yet knowing that God has good plans for her too]


  1. got any things in that bag to share? I might need to use them.

  2. Blesses my heart!!! The picture didn't come get it working I would LOVE to see it. You are an amazing mom!!


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