Monday, September 20, 2010


Reasons I loved my birthday today:

morning kisses and sleepy happy birthday wishes

obedient kids ["cuz it's my b-day" was used a few time]

facebook wishes - every few minutes I would click over - how fun!  lots of love!

dreaming and praying about a women's trip to Ug@nda

loving phone calls

nap with #4 (and no rooster to drive me crazy - seriously would like him to go away for my b-day...every 30 seconds people, every 30 seconds)

the new baby cow next door being named "Shauna" - honored [unless she is a he and then that will just be sad]

finding out there is a mama pig in Ugand@ named  "Shauna" - honored [I think]lol

hubby making me a killer dinner ..... gotta go!


  1. I wanna go to Uganda with Shauna. No not the pig or the cow. Just my friend. :) I think I must have been out of it and missed wishing you a happy birthday. Glad to hear it was a fantastic day!

  2. Happy Birthday sister!!!! I love your birthday too, the rooster and cow sound like a real 'farm' woman and to be honored that a pig is called your name....precious or sad I am not sure~ha!ha! I love you and glad you are loving your day!


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