Monday, September 13, 2010

Being Sensitive to the Spirit

Yesterday's message, last night's movie and today's podcast have my head filled with God's ways, sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and repentance.

Yesterday our pastor preached an awesome message.  He talked about being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and the conviction of sin in our lives.  He talked about allowing God to search our hearts and shed light in our lives to reveal that sin.  Without the revelation of the Holy Spirit we will walk blind to that sin. 

Sometimes, God reveals and we ignore - creating a calloused heart.  THAT is something I do not want.  I DO NOT want to have a hard heart or be stiff-necked as God often refers to people that do not turn to Him, those that do not bow their knee to Him.

The more we allow God to show us the sin and then REPENT [turn from - actually takes action and a movement not just a thought] the more we will hear from Him and live the life He has for us.  He actually tells us to flee from sin - run - get away.  God does not want His children bogged down with the weight of sin.

This is where yesterday's movie come in.  God loves to teach me, and then we often practice that lesson straight away *sigh* - can anyone relate? :) 

I love movies.  I love vegging.  I love chick flicks and that fuzzy feeling you get when it all turns out so sweet and wonderful.  Ahhh...

But the selection these days sucks.  I just had to say that.

Oh but I keep trying! : (

The day before (God had this little lesson in mind apparently) I went to blockbuster and picked up a chick flick - I did not look at the rating just grabbed it because I like the actress and it looked cute, harmless, funny.

After putting the monkeys to bed I snuggled up with a bowl of ice cream and popped in my chick flick, ready for my little fun, fuzzy movie.  Hubby was in the room but studying/preparing for the new men's class at church.  [made this lesson more obvious and painful, I am sure lol]

Movie starts out cute, minutes later, a few crude moments but kinda funny too - I am just thinking it will get better.  Then bad words are about every other word - ok, maybe it fits the beginning and sets the stage for the cute and funny to come back. 

It doesn't. 

I feel that "you should not be watching this" feeling all over.  *sigh*

I tell myself not to be legalistic [such a fantastic cop-out for not obeying the Holy Spirit].

I see Justin tensing up (he hates t.v. and always has - this is not a struggle for him - he has others, this is not one).  I decide he is a prude and it is talking about women stuff anyways - he does not get it.

Oh, but I keep watching cuz after all there are a few funny parts, enough to keep it justified in my head.

After about 30 minute my stomach feels sick and I am embarrassed that I am watching and have laughed at such garbage. 

Phone rings - thank God! - I jump up turn off the movie. 

I was thrilled to take that out of my DVD player and thrilled to put it by the door, ready to send it back to where it came from.

Why didn't I turn it off before the phone rang?  I guess pride.  A feeling of, I can watch this, I am not harming anyone.  But that also made me sad because that is how it work.  God reveals/convicts - we respond. 

It is how we respond to that conviction that either softens our heart toward God or hardens are heart.

I realize a movie may not seem like a big deal to many but I believe it was the very thing that God used to teach me more about having a relationship with Him. 

Next time, it may not be a little movie.


  1. whoa, good post! Yes, I do think when you look at yourself at times you think, 'hey, I am doing alright, at least better than the other guy' and that is right there sin. I don't want to be hard and calloused and there are times when the Lord cuts that callous wide open and it HURTS, enough to recognize and apologize, ask for forgiveness, pick and and try again.

  2. Good post. hard but so true...we ask and ask to hear from the Lord all the while listening to things we shouldn't well He won't show up on a switch on switch off basis.


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