Thursday, August 5, 2010

Evening Entertainment!

We are big time lovers of animals.

That being said, I thought I would show you our evening entertainment.

Ashton has to take her 4H hog to the other side of the property [so she will not eat the other hogs dinner - she is such a pig]. On her way back she likes to play in the sprinklers. Quite funny to see a 300 lb hog jump around.


All that jumping can work up a great thirst {look at her tail - it was going round and round}!
And finally, she was all done and took a break [if you are not laughing right now, somethings wrong!]


  1. ok I am laugh out loud laughing...aren't we simple people who get laughter out of the littlest things....the best! I like the fact that when she 'was done' she just sat on it...don't you want to do that when you are 'DONE'?

  2. That is the best!!!! I'm with marlece..the grand finale of sitting right in it is perfect.

  3. Love it! Thanks for sharing this :)

  4. oh so hilarious. i love it! and i agree, the sitting on it is that best part. =)

  5. Oh, too funny....I live in a state that raises tons (no pun intended) of hogs for "piggy market" (NC..great bbq country)
    This was just a great post...I needed some humor for my morning and this hit the spot. Thanks!

  6. So funny!! I wish my pigs weren't already at the fair. I would totally go put them in the sprinkler right this minute!

  7. oh my heavens! never in my life...


  8. Is that last picture the farm version of an enema?? I'm laughing so hard I'm sure I cracked a rib!!! You guys should sell tickets.

  9.! She's hilarious! You must have been cracking up! Do you have this on video? Could be worth big bucks!


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