Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just Being

Today we just hung around the house.  Hubby was on-call and we could not go anywhere - what a blessing!  We woke up and asked eachother what we wanted to do today ~ a very, very rare question and I really can not remember asking, for quite sometime. 

Which bring me to this post.

What are we rushing for?  Why do we go so fast, plan so much and create such seemingly fun plans?  I guess it is just the way it goes for the most part but it also make me sad.

Soon my babies will be scheduled all on their own, without my influence or control whatsoever.  This season of "young ones" is short.

I pray that we will spend more days with nothing on the calendar and just playing with my family.

I admit we go, go, go.
I admit that Justin and I felt (randomly through the day) like we needed to be doing something "more productive".
I admit we do not often see the rich value of just being as a family.

You see, we have a place that there is never ending work [i am sure you do to].  Shops to be cleaned, animals to be tended to and closets to be gone through.

The work never ends.

But their childhood does!

God please help me to remember today.  To embrace this season and all the beauty it has!  Amen

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{oh, P.S. I am laying on ice while I type this - you see that blow-up slide? - I went down it and my back ....oh my back and then I went down it 3 more times and made it worse - playing can be painful too - just sayin'}


  1. amen Sister, love that you are being family and cherishing these moments. good you,and miss you this weekend :)

  2. Love this post! I needed to hear this, I struggle with just sitting and being a family sometimes too. It is so easy to try to do everything that the world around you expects you to do....Thanks for reminding me to cherish these moments.

  3. So much wisdom in this post (from a mom who went down the slide 3 more times!). I think God is pleased when we slow down and just enjoy our families and our lives. (I need to work on that one.)


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