Saturday, August 7, 2010


The boys are off to the woods. 
I have never seen my boys so excited - ever.  Even Justin quoted the Disney commercial the night before they left "I'm too excited to sleep!"

Isaiah is stuck with the girls, he will have to get a few more years on him before he packs-in.

I had a tough night last night. The dog barked allll night and little sleep was to be had.
Today started poorly and I got into a pit. I was struggling with climbing out. I shut off the computer (good idea for addicted me) and took the kids swimming, came home and Lily grabbed a few books for me to read to her and Isaiah as we sat outside. I started to laugh because this was how it started:

"For the Heart"

"Every now and then a sad day will come. Maybe we're sick or it's raining outside. When sad days come, think a happy thought. Think about God's love for you. That can make you happy all the time!"

The next page was the song "Happy All the Time" then "I've got Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy"

I was kinda chuckling [not because I think "think a happy thought and everything will be OK"] but that God loves me so much He was reminding me that my joy comes from Him!

Thanks for the reminder God!


  1. I am in the pit myself..thanks for that blog.

  2. love, love, love....isn't it funny how the Lord works? You are suppose to read to them so that they may get something from it, and guess who really benefited...ha, ha, ha!!!

  3. Love the pictures!!! Oh how I hate the pit...I hear you, I hear you. I love Marlece's true...isn't that when God blesses us the most or speaks to us or anything, when we finally get ourselves off our mind and do something for somebody simple as reading a book. I better get off this computer and go read to someone around here. Lol.

  4. If it makes you feel any better, Gregg said your hubby ended up packing his WAY-OVERLOADED pack, as well as BOTH of your boys packs up the mountain. That would make one absurdly heavy pack on his back and one in each hand. Good thing he left the little one at home, or he would have had to carry one on his head, too. I'm imaging the Little Engine That Could (with your hubby's face on it, of course), huffing and puffing up the hill ("I think I can. I THINK I CAN!"). See, if you had only known that on Saturday, you would have laughed yourself right out of that pit!!!


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