Saturday, July 3, 2010

As My Eyes Are Opened....

Before God birthed adoption in me I had some false ideas about adoption ~ what it is, who it is for and why it is done.

Praise God for His transforming of my mind, the renewing of my mind, by His truths and UNCHANGABLE ways. [What great comfort to know that God does not change.  Tho fads and cultures do - God does not.]

I reflect alot about adoption because it is still having a great effect on me and I hope it will continue to.  God can use anything but I believe adoption has radically changed me because it is so close to the heart of God ~ it is what He has done for us, adopted us, who believe.

I used to think that adoption was the unfortunate alternative if there was no way possible to have kids naturally.

I am sad to even type that now.  Bummer for me and what a shallow way to think.  It also showed my lack of depth in His word.  I now believe adoption was ordained before the beginning of time, before the foundations of this earth were established.  I believe it is also God's plan for the 147 million+ orphans that have no home, no family.  I also believe God often reveals His saving, redeeming power through adoption ~ I actually get to witness this in my own home and through friends as well.

I used to think adoption was for weird people.

I just have to laugh now.  And as I am proudly labeled, weird, crazy or out of my mind - this verse comes to mind:  2 Corinthians 5:13-14  "If we are out of our mind, it is for the sake of God; if we are in our right mind, it is for you. 14For Christ's love compels us..".  Yes, I can see how people think that we are weird ~ that is OK with me and I hope it makes them ask why.  Why would we do it? {I get that often with a look of distaste but usually by the end of the conversation I hear "I always wanted to adopt" and the look turns from distaste to dreaming ~ cracks me up}.  Keep 'em coming Lord and help me to keep my cool and speak of Your heart and beautiful children waiting for mommy's and daddy's~ Amen

I used to think that adoption was done in a quiet, shameful way the, " and so is adopted but does not know it" or "shhh... she had a baby and gave it up" - like it was a black mark for them both to wear forever.

Ugh ~ I think this one makes me the saddest.  Sad because I think those that have lived in this thinking are trapped in bondage.  Christians should be shouting from the roof tops to these women ~ "We will help you!"  "Don't choose abortion, we have a better plan for you and your baby!"  I have seen sooooo many beautiful families that "adopt" the birth mom as well ~ beautiful!  Even if the birth mom does not have a relationship that goes beyond the birth, what great peace to know that, tho this baby may not have been planned - there is a plan and beautiful people ready to help, no shame. 

[Do I think every Christian is called to adopt?  No, but I KNOW every Christian is called to care for the orphan so what does that mean for you?  Ask God.  Maybe funding an adoption.  Maybe making meals for a newly adoptive family, babysitting, helping provide for an orphanage or maybe, just is to adopt!]

Lord I pray that I never look to man for my plans but You and Your ways.  Lord please open wide our arms to care for the least of these through adoption. God, please continue to open my eyes so that I may not be blind to the beauty You have waiting.  I love You Lord ~ Amen


  1. beautiful, and you have opened my eyes too. I am so grateful for Isaiah and the many more that enter into this family...

  2. Shauna, I appreciate your honesty. I can say that the myths you described are certainly common beliefs many of us have held at one time or another. I think for me, the recent exposure to adoption and the world of the orphan has been transforming. Our adoption by our heavenly Father is a great place to start, in terms of identification with those who are on God's heart. Abba, Father ;)

  3. I stand with you as a fellow adoptive Mom..proud to call myself just that! We are so blessed :)


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