Sunday, January 3, 2010

Uganda 2010?

While in Uganda the Mama of Redeemer House Orphanage, Gracious, had a dream and came to Sanyu Guesthouse to share it with us.  It was divine timing and straight encouragement for us. 

Part of her dream was about us.  She said that there would never be a time when we would sit in our living room and wonder what to do.  That Justin would bring buses of white people to Africa to care for the orphans and preach the gospel.  Not only in Uganda but all over Africa.  We would be going here and there doing the Lord's work.

The reason it struck us to the core was that about 2 months before that Justin had just fallen asleep and I was reading.  He woke back up and said he had the most vivid picture of us collapsing into bed, exhausted from doing the Lord's work.  He said he really felt like God was saying, your rest will not be here.   

Fast forward to 3 weeks after I got home from Uganda.  We got a phone call from someone that had heard about our ventures there.  They had a foundation set up and felt like God was calling them to be involved in Uganda and wanted to get together and chat about it.

My first very SELFISH thought was - the last thing I want to is talk about Uganda - I just got back and was trying to figure out how to mother my little Ugandan born boy - :)!  But I also know that God is God and I am not - I would never whan to stifle anything the Lord is desiring to do! 

And oh what a blessing these people were.  Not only in a shared love for God's word and His heart for the least of these but also in friendship. 

So why do I share that part? Well because it lit a flame of prayer in our hearts - God what would you have us do?  Who, what , when, where and how?  So we began to pray .......

This week Justin met (via phone) with the Redeemer House Orphanage board and asked them for prayer.  Then today Justin met with the missions board of our church.  Both boards were in agreement to add it to their daily prayer for direction and details. 

We know God birthed in us a desire to care for the poor, widowed, orphaned and lost souls of Uganda in September of 2008.  We also knew that adoption was a slice of the pie, not the only thing. 

So we pray........ and if you would join with us that would be great.

1.)  God's will to be done. 
2.)  Clear direction and vision. There are a few real needs for Redeemer House Orphanage but we need clarity.  Land to build? 
3.)  Hearts would be moved to seek their involvement in what God cares about.  The poor are talked about all over His word.  That people would step forward in obedience to GO!
4.)  Personal mountains to be moved - time off from work, finances, etc.

We desire to follow God passionatly, whether it be reading the bible to our kids at night or taking a team to Uganda. 

(These are the kids of Redeemer House Orphanage)


  1. I am definitely praying. I told Justin that he would become a great preacher! I have thought of a great name for him "the power line preacher" after watching the movie Faith Like Potatoes with the "potato preacher" :)

  2. Even though I have heard all of this, reading it here tonight has me in tears, as I wonder what God has in store. I have been sensing that God has great things planned for Redeemer House this year, and I am just waiting to see how He will move. I know that you guys will be an important part of it. Do you know how much it blesses my mama heart to see what God is doing in you and through you? You are a blessing, an encouragement, and a challenge to me! God cares about the poor, the hopeless, and the forgotten ones of Africa, and it is a humbling privilege to join Him in His work there.

  3. Wow! Let God have His way....I know how it feels to go to bed exhausted every night--and it is so worth it :-)

  4. Wow! I will be praying that you will trust God in his plan for you! Thank you for being an encouragement to me!

  5. Can we talk?? We are in the process of adopting a little one from Uganda (hopefully late spring/early summer). Would love to hear more specifically you are thinking where God is leading...reading your blog makes my heart stir and brings up many of my own feelings..doing more for God's children. email me at blessings,sara

  6. Fasting and praying today for many things and added your prayer request to mine...

  7. awesome! praying! glad to have met you on the facebook group!


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