Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mosquito Repellent and so much more!

I have a couple of friends that arrived in Uganda this week to adopt their precious boys.  As I read their updates on facebook and blogs I am reliving my experiences and thought I would share one from the beginning of our adventure.

We had a layover in the Amsterdam airport for 4 hours - beautiful airport by the way.  I was exhausted - I had not slept a wink in....forever - the anxiety of leaving - the stress of preparing to leave and talking myself down from mini panic attacks all the way over the Atlantic was all starting to catch up with me during our wait.  I was a bit of a walking zombie.

We decided to hit the food court - Sbarro's was my pick - perfect time for pasta - the comfort food!  I chose their spaghetti and walked to the condiments.  Feeling much in a fog and needing every bit of comfort I start shaking the (or what I thought was) parmesan cheese all over my spaghetti - no holding back, after all this was my last meal before entering Africa so I shook away!

We sat down and ranted and raved about my pasta and his salad costing $40 (that's right $40!).  We were going on and on - I was eating quickly because by this point we needed to hustle to our gate.  You would think at this point I would notice that that was not cheese ................ but GARLIC!

Garlic with spaghetti on the side!

Right about the time I noticed my throat burning I realized - I just ate a ton of garlic!  Now I have to board a plane - seated in the back, middle seat, for 10 hours!!!  Not to mention my stomach starting to hurt from garlic over load.

I did not say a word to Justin - I was that embarrassed - how could a person eat a whole plate and not realize this.

About 3 hours into the flight (and a pack of gum later) I tell Justin - why? because I wanted to know if he thought a person could die from too much garlic - my eyes were even burning!  He looked at me a said - "I could not figure out what that smell was" - it was me - a giant garlic clove - in a plane for -10 hours - a full plane! 

We made it, no one said a word and the silver lining ...... I did not get bit by a mosquito for the first week - nope, not once!  Garlic is an amazing repellent!


  1. I haven't heard that sha...cracks me up....there is nothing like that garlic smell but I do think the Lord sent you right to the garlic for garlic is an amazing immune booster along with ALL kinds of other things. Sorry you stunk, but hey, healthy! FUNNY!

  2. I hadn't heard this one either! Too funny! Yes, garlic repels bugs as well as people! I'll remember not to use the "garlic" if I eat at Sbarro's! I'm glad you have some funny stories to remember!

  3. Looks like I know what to feed my kids daily when we move up North....where those little buzzers are 100 times worse and carry much more malaria.

    P.S. I meant to comment on your post concerning the lady at the store. I am so sorry.


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