Saturday, January 23, 2010

The "almost" perfect storm!

I swore I would never use this blog as a venting post.  But ........  I thought I may get an "I hear ya" out of some of you ladies.

Backdrop to the "almost" perfect storm:

Hubby has been working in horrid weather and has not been around since Monday - 5 days as a single mom (hats off to all of you that are, I suck at it :)).

Hubby comes home and has pulled all the muscles in his neck - not a happy boy.

#3 and I are sick with sore throats and I have had 0 energy.  #4 started throwing up last night, while #5 starts telling me his tummy hurts.

NO sleep all night.

Everyone was looking on the up and up this morning - so I decide that #2 should not be deprived of a bithday party he really wanted to go to .

So off to Walmart we go for the gift.

And this is where the "almost" perfect storm happened.

We are standing in the toy isle (my children were being angels) and a 60ish lady comes around the corner.  "Soooo.... this is the new one, hu?" (did I mention we live in a small town - blessing and a curse) Me - "Yup - Isaiah - say Hi!" (he says hi)  "Sooooo.... are you done NOW."  (Me turning red, fighting back glaring)  Me -" No, no we're not" Her - "What? - 1,2,3,4,5 (counting with her finger in the air) - you have 5!!!"  (This is the part the not so Christian like girl wanted to come out in a BIG way - did she really think I had not counted by this point?!?  Like I was going to turn around and say WHAT?  Are you serious? There are 5?!  Will you take a few - I never realized there were 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ugh!!

I began to defend my self and stopped - (thank God)!

I just turned towards the toys and said "yup, we better get that toy!"  She must have taken the hint because when I turned back around she had flown away on the broom she came in on... I mean walked away.

I know many of you have had to endure things like this, having a big family.  I am trying to come up with a graceful come back for situations like this.  I was not prepared, I was tired, I was weak.....she (the broom lady) saw opportunity.... (I am kidding I am sure she is horrible everywhere she goes not just in that moment (OK I can not seem to be nice - better wrap it up)).

OK so let's hear it - any ideas?  Loving come backs you have used?


  1. Girl...don't even worry or think about what she said! It's a beautiful thing to have a large family and if God decides to entrust Jim and I with lots of children, we cannot wait! Those children are each blessings that some people just don't get! I think going on this adoption journey and on the journey of having a large family...we all at one point or another get stairs/comments from people that JUST DONT GET IT! :0) hope you feel better now that you vented some! :0)

  2. My favorite was when I had a FULL cart, standing in line having all the chicks working at putting the 'stuff' on the belt and this older fella pipes up and says, "wow! YOU must be RICH!" I just smiled under my glaring eyes and said, "no, just hungry." Rrrrrrr! FRUSTRATION! Sounds like yo handled it fine........

  3. i always just say something like, "yup! they are such blessings."

    SOMETIMES it is harder to say than other times, but overall, i know some people are just nuts, some are curious, and some just say it because it is the "thing" to say.

    and i totally know the "single" mom and sick kid thing does NOT help to have a clear, calm head!

    i told a lady yesterday that we probably wanted several more. i think it took a couple years off her life. ; )

  4. OK, those are my sweet grandkids she is talking about, and my amazing daughter-in-law she is talking to! I am not mad so much as I am fighting back tears. I am so sorry that you have to endure people like that, but I guess that's what obedience to God brings. People will misunderstand you and judge you and hurt you - and God will smile at your obedience! Perhaps you could say, "I guess this is what I get for living in obedience to God. Maybe you should take it up with Him." Oh, wait, you said graceful comeback, didn't you? Sorry! There will always be those who don't understand, and you won't change their mind, so maybe you just need to tell them the simple truth in plain language: That each one is a God-given treasure. Just remember you are making God's heart happy! Love you!

  5. I think you should start saying...ya, and I'm sooo excited I will never be old and lonely, if I just keep them coming there will be enough of them to keep me company my whole life. Thank God for them!!!!

  6. "I hear ya!" :) Being a mother of many children is the only thing that has given me the patience to deal with people like her! :) It's funny how God works like that! I can't go ANYWHERE without the "head bob" to count my babies! It cracks me up now! Just stop to make sure they don't miscount and flash 'em a big old smile!

    Sometimes I do wonder though...when somebody asks if YOU'RE FINALLY DONE??? Do they want to talk intimacy, birth control beliefs/practices, religion, finances...any of those conversations seem a touch inappropriate to have with a stranger in Walmart!!! Sheesh!

  7. Oh Shauna, that totally stinketh!Next time some crusty old battle-axe asks you if you're D-O-N-E, you can tell her, "You'd better hope I'm not. All these kids are going to be paying for your Social Security check some day!"

    I hope it wasn't someone from our church LOL!

  8. Okay, these responses are cracking me up. I usually just look the person in the eye and say something like "as long as there are children alone and hurting out there in this world my door will always be open". It shows your heart and makes it obvious that their closed door (and open mouth) have none. Love your big beautiful family- keep 'em coming girl!

  9. how about this:

    "What?! Done?! Of course not! We believe children are a blessing from the Lord and with so many orphans dying every day, we can't wait until he blesses us with a few more!"

    They'll have to pick their jaw up off the floor!

    BTW, we now have 10 and we're already talking about the children God might have for us in the future!

    Love ya,

  10. The line I hate the most ... and have heard WAY too many times ...

    "When is your husband going to get fixed?"

    My response (with a big smile) ...

    "Fixed? Obviously he's not broken. He works quite well."

    Smile and move along ...

    mama of 13


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