Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday and lots of news!

I am Thankful for a court date!!!! We have our hearing "fixed" for the 23rd. Please pray for favor and that God be glorified in all that we do and say!

I am thankful for my sis and her family for loving on my babies while we are gone. It is funny because when God was stirring our hearts toward Uganda and adoption, I had read that it could take 3-5 weeks to go through the process. I remember standing up and telling God "well that is that - no way would I be willing to leave for that long" - and now here we are just a few days away and I keep marveling at how God has worked out all the details. I have so much peace and the kids are bubbling over with excitement - I am wondering now why J and I haven't ditched the kids more often -hehe - I am joking. I know that it is the Lord and when we give our life to Him, He in return, gives us the things of Him!

I am thankful for my kids. I had to talk to each of their teachers about their upcoming absence and each teacher went on and on about what good kids they are. I would like to take credit but honestly I feel like it is a privilege to be their parent. They are not perfect but they sure are great kids!

I am thankful for our Canadian friends. We have become very close with them and are thankful for their friendship! Praying for them to bring their little Ugandan babies home soon - VERY soon, like with US soon - praying, praying!

I am thankful for all my friends and family who have rallied around - I don't think a day has gone by when someone has not called to encourage or ask what they can do to help. Isaiah has a lot of people who are cheering him home! I am so thankful for each and everyone of them!

I am thankful that I can go to Africa knowing that no matter what, God will never leave me nor forsake me - it is a promise!

What are you thankful for?


  1. Great news! Still praying for you guys. Thankful for your friendship too and hope/pray to finally meet SOON half way across the world (and see my brother again too! :)

  2. I'm thankful for kids who want to follow God obediently, no matter what that means, and because of this, sweet, adorable, funny, amazing Isaiah will be part of our family. I am thankful for each of my wonderful grandkids, and for the great job my kids are doing as parents, raising them to love the Lord. I'm thankful for adoption - for God's adoption of me as His child, and for the model He gives for us. I'm thankful that God loves me just as I am - wow! How incredible!

  3. hey there, can't wait to here from you in Uganda.

  4. hey, look forward to hearing from you in Uganda

  5. Yes, I am so rejoicing with ya'll!!!


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