Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Day in Pics!

We had a major thunder storm and had to entertain 50 kids in a very small place.

This was before the thunder storm.

Justin found a baby gecko - they were enthraled!

These are our friends seeing their kids for the first time - priceless!


  1. I cry with every set you send..but keep them coming! It's good for my heart and for all who can see these precious gifts from God. Love those babies for me. I sure wish I could be there..maybe someday.

  2. those painted curbs look oh so familiar... happy uganda!

    hope and trust all goes well with your stay.

  3. Love the pics! Makes me want to be there with you! Keep posting!

  4. Oh my gracious - tears!! I am so thrilled you are all there - Yippee Jesus!!! Three more have a home - forever!! Praying for you all....xo


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