Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Calling all the Saints!

We are on our way!!!! Please pray for all the details! I will update as I can.

We are SO feeling the hand of God. Yesterday was hard - last minute everything. I had a friend show up and help get us on the way - thanks Teresa, we stopped at a mini mart and ran into a friend we rarely see and he asked if he could pray with us all and then we dropped the kids off with my sis and saw how loving and ready they all were for our brood! I am feeling so blessed - am I going to cry through this whole experience? LeAnn and Cheremi you would be proud - :)!

Please pray for the whole thing - what ever the Lord leads you to pray!

Whoohoo - we are off.................


  1. We are praying! Love you guy's look forward to updates!

  2. definitely praying! Hope the trip is going well. Praying also to see you there SOON. Many BLESSINGS to you guys!

  3. Woo Hoo! So excited for you!

    Will be praying!

  4. Another child coming home ... THANK YOU JESUS ... you are my 3rd blog to check in on tonight that is bringing their child home ... GOD IS WORKING IN MIGHTY WAYS !!!

  5. We are sooooo thrilled that you are there....can't wait till you can update....and we really, really, really can't wait to have pictures!! Praying for God's divine hand to be seen throughout...Yippee Jesus!!!!


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