Thursday, February 5, 2009



I'm watching what you do
I'm hearing what you say
I'll be making these decisions
Somewhere along the way.

Whatever roads I travel
Whichever lands I see
Whether we are near or far
You'll always be with me.

For everything you say
And everything you do
Claims its place within my life
A gift to me from you.

So will it be of honor
Or will it be in vain
This life you live before me
This gift I'm to obtain?

I pray that you are thinking
Please take the time to know
Whether with honor or with vanity
Down life's road I am to go

I read this poem and I wanted to add to my Thankful Thursday. I am so thankful for the legacy that has been left to me through my family. My grandparents served the Lord with all their hearts, and about 8 years ago I had a cousin bring his youth group to my church and as we sat their together and listened to the song about a legacy I realized I am on the path I am because of their obedience to God and so was he (my cousin)! I am so thankful!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! That is a beautiful poem : 0 Where are you adopting from/through? Our son, Luke, is from Liberia and Timmy, is from Uganda. I pray God continues to lead you!!!!!!!!!


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