Monday, November 19, 2012

Africa [part 2]

[i know, i am the worst blogger ever but here goes ;)]

We arrived back at our favorite hang out:  Redeemer House.

Our local church [and friends…including our mail lady] had given money for rice and beans to bless the surrounding community and families of RH kids.

The next day they brought some friends home to share what they had.  Two of our girls explained that we love [and give] because God first loved us.

Evening prayer time was my favorite and blessed my heart every time.  The drums, their prayers, their voices… I begged God to help me remember.

The next few days were filled with RH memory making and swimming to wrap up our time.

Such a privilege to go.  
Such a blessing to come home.
Home is where my heart is but there are pieces there, in Ug@nda.  


  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Yay!!! Love the pictures and the words. My turn. yippee!!!!

  3. love the pictures. I'm glad you were able to bless and be blessed isn't that just the way He works?


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