Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Something about this year made me crave getting together.  Maybe it's all that has happened, maybe it's coming home from Africa, maybe it's all that is to come, but I needed to be with my family.  

Did I tell you I am a GREAT?  This is my GREAT Niece.  I feel so GREAT about this.  :)  She makes it GREAT.  Can't you see it in her eyes?  She is a world changer!

Our kids have 29 cousins.  Never a dull moment.  What a joy to watch these kids change and grow.  We have some starting families, some going off to college, some in their Senior year of High School, 5 in Kindergarden, some learning to walk… what a joy, what a family!

Us mama's have to keep documenting all these moments.  They are precious and boy do we know it!

Part of our family tradition is to shoot trap together.  We like to embrace our Second Amendment and not take it for granted.  [not to brag or anything but I only missed ONE - ok bragging done]  

Something about shooting stuff made me feel better.  We have Stanford visits coming up again for Dawson.  The blessings of health have been great but I am still not looking forward to all the tests.  Thinking shooting trap maybe a great outlet for all.  ;)

What a blessed Thanksgiving.  Too many cherished memories to count.  

May the spirit of gratitude continue, as we prepare for season where we celebrate the coming of our King!

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  1. I needed to be with you as well. I loved every single tinnie winnie little minute of every second. Glad you felt the need to be there!


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